Coronavirus Las Vegas: How Gated Communities Can Protect Residents

Your Gated Community: Staying Safe in a Pandemic Living in a gated community in Las Vegas offers security, comfort, and peace of mind. But when your community is threatened by a pandemic like the coronavirus, that peace can quickly disappear and a once-serene atmosphere can become an environment filled with fear and disease. Clark county […]

New Technology: Gated Community Access Control

Gated residential communities can consist of single-family homes, condominiums, or leased apartments. The concept of a gated community came into existence in the interest of safety. By restricting entry to residents, visitors, staff, delivery agents, and maintenance personnel, a level of security can be maintained in the community for the protection of its residents. Advances […]

Gated Community and HOA Law

Gated communities have shown a continuous rise in demand in the American Urban Landscape. They have unique features that differentiate them from non-gated places.  The obvious elements are physical barriers like electric gates and a surrounding wall that restricts access to unauthorized people. As a result, occupants feel safe and secure at home, knowing that […]