Gated Community Access Control and Self Driving Cars

Technological advances in the self driving cars market raise some questions for residents of gated communities. How to get inside the gate presents concerns for residents who need solutions to a potentially vexing problem. While you cannot buy one just yet, many automakers intend to produce them within a few years. Most gated community access control systems share a common denominator that requires someone to do something. Some gate access systems may need a driver to click a remote control, press a passcode on a callbox or use a smartphone to enter a gate. Makers of access control systems have plans for alternative methods that may make authorized entry easier than ever.

Apps for Controlling Gate Access

Imagine you are in a faraway land, sampling the expansive savannah’s natural beauty and the pristine sandy beaches of the desert paradise. And even as you soak yourself in the therapeutic sun and nod to the country music in the background, you remain calm knowing that your gated community or garage door is secure. Away […]

4 Types of Access Control Systems in Gated Communities

Gated communities and individually gated properties are turning out to be among the safest places to live in most states in America. The high-security features provided by electric smart gates allows the occupiers to rest easy behind the gates while enjoying easy access to the property in general.  In gated communities, residents of the community […]