Home Security – Tips for Keeping the Family Safe

At Nimbio we have an absolute passion for security, it’s why we’ve created our cellular access control system. If you’re worried about home security there are multiple things you can do and implement to give you that all important peace of mind. Each house is different, and every family might have a different set of […]

Does Your Business Need A Smart Gate?

business smart gate commercial

Smart gates and gated entry has become more popular over the last few years for gated communities as well as individual residences. However, they also offer multiple functions for businesses. A smart gate can pair with a business quite well. As technology advances, so does ease of use, making smart gates less annoying and time […]

Nimbio – Keyless Entry for Buzzer Buildings

Nimbio works with any electronic lock, including buildings with buzzers and intercoms How many copies of front door keys have been given out in the history of  your building? There are many problems both with key and keyless entry systems, which is why a lot of supers who look after buzzer entry buildings are looking […]

How You Can Prepare For Electric Gate Installation

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Electric gate installation is a brilliant way to protect a property you own or a gated community you’re part of and offer more security for you and your loved ones. However, it’s important to make sure that your property is ready before the installation can take place. The parameters differ from one installation company to […]

Automated Gate Entry System – Do I need one? Pros and Cons

gate entry system pros and cons

A gate entry system is usually made up of an automated gate, which opens and closes as you enter and leave your property in your vehicle, along with a mode for signaling to the gate so it knows when to operate. They’ve gained in popularity over the years as technology has made them more accessible. […]