How PropTech can transform your home life

PropTech stands for property technology. The term has gained traction over recent years in line with the internet of things becoming more popular, and the ever growing need to twin technological advances with the home. Businesses and inventors are always seeking to make people’s lives easier with innovation and technology. As a lot of time […]

How a Smart Gate can help upgrade your yard

Some people like to invest a huge amount of time in their gardens. Making sure the lawn is just right, the leaves are all swept up and that flowers can bloom freely. Others like it clean, but easy. Maybe a simple patio, or one large swathe of grass bisected by the garden path. There are […]

How to Raise the Value of your Home

We’ve covered maximizing property values in regards to smart gate technology before. However, there are multiple ways a family or individual can look to increase the value of their home. For a start, most homes are different. There are steps you can take to increase the value of your home which others won’t be able […]

How to Convince your HOA to Install a Smart Gate Entry System

Many more communities are deciding to gate themselves. Whether for security, prestige, home value increase or something else, it’s becoming increasingly popular in America. The census data from 2015 came to the conclusion there were around eleven million units within gated communities, a unit being a home or apartment. It was rapidly growing then, so […]