Why Automatic Gate Sensors Are Redundant And Cellular Is The Way Forward

Electric gates work by opening automatically, using the power of electricity. You don’t need to manually open them and the convenience of a gate swinging open as you leave or enter your property or gated community is convenient beyond belief. There are many different kinds of sensors which help automatic gates open. Most of them […]

Fitted Your Electric Smart Gate? Here’s How To Make It Last

Your electric gate stands guard outside your home, business or gated community. It helps keep you and your loved ones safe. But how can you ensure its longevity or long time function? If you’ve bought a top quality cellular electric gate the likelihood is that it will last an extremely long time…but you can help […]

Why Criminals Hate Electric Gates

People buy electric gates for a few simple reasons. They want privacy, general access control, and security. The burglary rate in the United States is around 314 cases per 100,000. Thankfully the statistic has been on a steady decline since the 1990’s. However, burglary and home invasions still exist. People’s home’s get broken into all […]

Figuring Out Where To Put Your Gated Community’s Electric Gate

So you’ve managed to persuade your HOA or your local community to put up a cellular electric gate. Great. Now you need to decide on where it needs to go. In some communities it’s immediately obvious. In others, it can be a bit harder. The communities which are really large and have multiple entrances and […]