Maintaining Your Gate Entry System

So you’ve installed a gate entry system. How do you maintain it? No matter what gate entry system you’ve purchased, and regardless of the software you’re using to tell the gate to open, there are controls you need to keep in place to ensure the system is maintained. Like anything with moving parts, an electric […]

Can you get an app to open electric gates?

As smartphone technology developed over the last ten years, applications (apps) became more and more useful. Instead of having to go to a website you can access your account right from an app on your smartphone. As such, more businesses are using apps to offer better access to their services. This is the same with […]

10 most expensive gated communities in America

Gated communities are increasing in popularity all the time. We see it everyday at Nimbio. In fact, between 2001 and 2009, the USA saw a 53% increase in the amount of gated communities. Since 2009, the numbers have only been going in one direction too. However, to live in a gated community, behind an electric […]

The Call Box: Is It Still Useful Today?

Call boxes have been around since the nineteenth century. Some of the first ones were used by Chicago police and Washington used them all over the city to provide a direct line. Nowadays, they’re used often on gates to give the visitor a direct line to the respective house. You’re probably looking for information regarding […]