How Do Gate Entry System Sensors Work?

A modern gate entry system is made up of multiple components. It may vary depending on the mode of gate entry, and on how old the system is. New gate entry systems use cellular tech to access the gate. Certain older gate entry systems use a specific type of sensor, for example. One of the […]

Electric Gate Faults: When To Call For Help

Electric gates are a brilliant example of developing proptech. Especially the most recent models using cellular access technology. However, macherey with metal moving parts can be susceptible to faults. Sometimes, the fault might lay within the gate, other times it might be due to external factors. It also depends on who the system provider is. […]

How To Manually Open An Electric Gate

Electric gates are, by design, meant to be opened remotely and electronically. That’s what makes them so great. There are, however, certain situations where an electric gate may need to be opened manually. So, here we’ll explore the best way to open an electric gate manually along with some of the scenarios where this may […]

Keyless Entry: Is It Worth It And How Can You Get It

You might have seen ads for keyless entry, or perhaps your friends and family have spoken about it. It’s becoming more popular each and every year. You’ve probably seen keyless entry on vehicles? Where you simply walk near the car or press a button and the car unlocks? Well the same principle applies to gates, […]