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Access Control Basics
Henry Wasserman

How You Can Prepare For Electric Gate Installation

Electric gate installation is a brilliant way to protect a property you own or a gated community you’re part of and offer more security for you and your loved ones. However, it’s important to make sure that your property is

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7 Reasons Why Gated Communities Are Safer

In the area of premises security, more investment in security measures almost always improves the security of a community overall. Nevertheless, some commentators have attempted to make the attention-grabbing argument that gates offer little-to-no security benefits or make communities more

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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Gate for Your Community

Communities increasingly want to install a gate to enhance security and control access. Today, gates are becoming less expensive because of advanced technology. Modern gates can automatically control access more effectively than a human guard, and new technologies can control

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Does Your Community Need a Gate? Consider These 5 Factors

Interest in gated community living is increasing among both renters and property buyers alike. New technologies are making secure access gates feasible in even the smallest communities that cannot justify the cost of hiring a 24-hour security team. Consequently, many

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How Smart Gate Access Solutions Improve Security

Gates have been used for thousands of years to keep residents safe and keep criminals out. Recently, new technologies have advanced rapidly, and new solutions have been found to enable gates to provide a higher level of security. Many of

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