Home Security – Tips for Keeping the Family Safe

At Nimbio we have an absolute passion for security, it’s why we’ve created our cellular access control system. If you’re worried about home security there are multiple things you can do and implement to give you that all important peace of mind. Each house is different, and every family might have a different set of […]

Gated Community Security – The Problem with 4 Digit Codes

When breaking into a facility, the gate is always the weakest point. In medieval times, armies trying to break into a castle would have to focus their efforts on breaking through the main castle gate. Technologies have changed, but the gate remains the point that primarily determines whether intruders can succeed at breaking in.

Unfortunately, many facilities are lax with gate security. The most significant gate security issue stems from facilities using 4-digit pins that provide easy access for criminals. Therefore, it is important for people who are responsible for gated community security to understand why 4-digit codes are a serious problem.

Gate Codes – Access Control in Gated Communities

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Modern gated communities control entry into their areas of residence using access codes at the main access control point of the gated zone. The access codes work by restricting entry and prompting you to enter a code before entering the gated community. When you enter the correct code, the gate opens and you are allowed to enter. This article explores the security and management of gate codes in gated communities.