Some of your Questions:

Q. What is Nimbio?

Nimbio is a service that allows residents in gated communities to control the gate with their smartphone from anywhere. Your residents will be able to manage temporary guest access, like disposable single use keys, with a few taps on their phone. Sharing insecure 4-digit access codes will be a thing of the past.

Q. How does Nimbio work?

We install a small box on your HOA’s gate opener, free of charge, that connects to our cloud server via either WiFi or cellular network. Once a resident’s account has been approved by the HOA, they can open the gate using our secure app, and they will be able to manage guest access with a few taps on their phone. Our server sends a signal to the box to open the gate whenever an authorized resident or guest makes a valid request, and then sends a success message back to resident when the gate opens.

Q. How much does Nimbio cost?

For a limited time, we are offering Nimbio to our beta communities completely free of charge for one year!

Q. What types of electronic gates does Nimbio work with?

The majority of automated gates can be Nimbio ready in under an hour. Our small hardware device attaches to your existing gate opening hardware. Nimbio's installation technicians will come to your community and install the device for you.

Q. Will our existing callbox/clickers/passcodes/keyfobs still work after Nimbio is installed?

The Nimbio hardware is an "add on" device that does not replace the existing gate functionality, but adds new capabilities. This means that after the Nimbio box is installed, the pre-existing access mechanisms will still function normally. Our goal is to end the use of insecure 4-digit access codes for guest who only need temporary access. But that can happen once a community has made a smooth transition to the Nimbio solution.

Q. How do I get Nimbio installed in my community?

If you're interested in installing Nimbio in your community, contact us and our installation experts will set up an appointment at your convenience. The Nimbio device can be installed on most electronic gates in less than an hour, all free of charge. Click here to contact us to set up an appointment.

Q. Does Nimbio work for gates that aren't near a WiFi network?

Nimbio devices have 3 different ways of connecting to the internet: WiFi, Ethernet, and Cellular. This means that nearly any gate can be connected. Gates in remote locations with no WiFi coverage can be controlled via cellular network.

Q. Will our community always have Nimbio's latest features?

Whether it's support for self driving deliveries or the latest security patch, Nimbio servers push regular updates to the mobile device software. This means that Nimbio device owners can be sure that they will continue to have access to the newest and most secure features available, no matter when their hardware was installed.

Q. Is Nimbio secure?

The Nimbio box runs on an industry standard operating system called Linux. This means that as vulnerabilities arise in Linux itself, our servers will be able to send security updates to the box on a regular basis. For a hacker to defeat our box, they will have to have cracked Linux, in which case opening gates is not going to be high on an attacker's list of targets.

Q. How many keys do we get?

A Nimbio "master" key allows community residents to create and share all types of keys other than master keys. Master key holders can create or revoke an unlimited number of keys, and have access to logs of all entries using keys created by that master. The HOA can determine the number of master keys per home/unit.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of keys that can be created?

Nimbio master key holders can create an unlimited number of keys by default, but the HOA may wish to define a limit on the number of keys that can be shared. We work with HOAs and Property Managers who wish to set a limit on key sharing.

Q. We have more than one gate. Can we use Nimbio?

Nimbio offers the ability to link multiple gates/access points to a single key. Keys in communities that have multiple gates will have multiple open buttons, each of which control a different gate.

Q. Can we use Nimbio to open our Pool/Gym/Laundry Room?

As long as the door for the Pool/Gym/Laundry Room is controlled by an electronic lock, Nimbio can be configured to provide access to that door. Communities that wish to offer this to residents will have multiple open buttons for each access point. Restrictions for each individual access point can be configured by the HOA/Property Manager.

Q. If the call box is damaged, does Nimbio still work?

Yes. The Nimbio solution will continue to function as normal as long as the gate operator is still intact.

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