From New York to Hawaii, these gated communities span the country and are simply stunning. Although these homes are unique, they all have a few things in common: they’re gated, have secure access control, and cost a fortune. If you have the millions it takes to buy a spot behind these gates, here are the 10 Most Stunning Gated Communities in America for your perusal.

10. Tuxedo park

When you think of stunners, black dresses and tuxedos come to mind. Well this is where tuxedos got their name! Founded in the mid 1880’s, the barons of the gilded age would escape here, 45 minutes outside of New York City, to 2,600 acres of seclusion, 3 private lakes and a 18-hole golf course. If you are looking for your own luxury time portal, this is the community for you.

9. the ridges

Nestled in the foothills of Summerlin and overlooking Las Vegas, this exclusive gated community is truly a desert oasis. With prices reaching $25 million and more (the one up there on the left is a bargain at $15,999,000) and a private 18-hole Jack Nicklaus designed golf course, this community certainly qualifies as one of the most stunning in America.

8. Royal palm yacht and country club

Having to drive all the way over to the pier to get in your yacht can be such a hassle – why not park it in your backyard? At the Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida, you can! These homes offer the unique amenity of being right on a waterway, but it’s a perk that does not come cheap. Expect to pay a minimum of $4 million for one of these stunning homes.

7. indian springs ranch

Maybe the country life is more your style. Then you would want to check out Indian Springs Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming. This secluded community with wide open mountain views is a stunning escape from the real world. However, you can’t escape the real world price tag, averaging around $8-10 million per home.

6. emerald bay

In the world of stunning gated communities, you need some really special amenities to be on the list. A private beach will do. This gated community in Laguna Beach is the only one on the list with its own private beach. Getting access to it will cost at least $4 million though, but saving for it should give you some time to work on that beach bod.

5. the estates of the oaks

If you’re looking to be neighbors with people like Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Kourtney Kardashian, and the Jacksons to name a few, then you’ll have to shell out to move into The Estates outside of LA. Homes can go for over $30 million in this stunning community, and living with celebrities means security and access are strictly controlled.

4. maluhia

When you think of stunning views, Hawaii definitely comes to mind. This gated community in Wailea only has 14 homes, so it is extremely exclusive. It could cost as much as $18 million to convince one of these homeowners to give up their gated paradise – good luck!

3. beverly park

If you’re looking to hang out with guys like Mark Wahlberg and Sylvester Stallone, welcome to Beverly Park in LA. Homes go for around $25 million, so you better be a big rocky fan. First built in the 1960s, the gates were originally seen by developer Brian Adler as a way to distinguish the neighborhood from Beverly Hills (a bargain by comparison).

2. brentwood country estates

If you’re a big fan of Dr. Dre, Brentwood Country Estates in LA is the place for you. With just 13 homes in this gated community, the only ticket to the game is $25 million, and it doesn’t look like Dre or his neighbor Arnold Schwarzenegger have to be worried about traffic in the neighborhood.

1. Star island

You don’t have to be a star to live on Star Island in Miami, but that’s just about the only way you can afford to (unless you can figure out another way to come up with the $15-$40 million it will set you back). Sean Combs and Shaq could be a few of your neighbors, so start practicing for that talent show…

It’s hard to pick a favorite, and if we’re honest, we could probably deal with living in any of them. Would you go for the oasis in the desert or the Hawaiian paradise? How about the seclusion of Wyoming or living with celebrities in California? However you want to spend your millions, there’s a gated community for you.

Now that you have seen the 10 most stunning gated communities in America, which one would you choose? Let us know!

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