Turn any electronic lock into a smart lock.

Unlock common access points from any smartphone.

Nimbio enables your residents to open their buzzer building or gate with their smartphone. With Nimbio digital keys they can easily let friends, family, and service or delivery people in from any location. As a property manager, you can maximize security and minimize stress from a single management console.

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How it Works

Nimbio works with existing hardware to turn any electronic lock into one you can manage with any smartphone, making it the most cost effective and convenient option on the market. The Nimbio platform is cellular-based, meaning it can be installed virtually anywhere – no WiFi needed.

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Nimbio For Property Managers

NimbioPro can increase your productivity by allowing you to enable access to their buildings anywhere, anytime.

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Nimbio For Buildings

Property managers and building owners interested in Nimbio for their buzzer buildings.

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Nimbio For Gates

HOAs or property managers interested in Nimbio for their gated communities.

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Tenants or private residents interested in Nimbio for personal use.

About the Nimbio Controller

Uses cellular service instead of WiFi

Installs on top of existing hardware

Share and manage keys on the go

Headquartered in the USA


The Nimbio
Community Manager

Our community manager is an additional feature that lets you keep track of your communities. Grant access or revoke privileges when someone moves in or out in a matter of seconds. Nimbio puts you in charge of who is (or isn’t) allowed in your buildings.

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“I use Nimbio for all of my gate entrances. I very rarely ever use the remote control anymore, and I just love the convenience of that.”

— Marc, HOA President

Partner with Nimbio

Want to sell, install or integrate with Nimbio? Our API, SDK and sales enablement teams are ready to bring your customer’s buildings and communities into the future.


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Nimbio hardware can be installed on any electric gate operator or electronic lock. Nimbio requires a minimum of 6.5 Volt current, and typically draws power from the gate operator, but can also be plugged in to any outlet with the appropriate voltage. Nimbio also works with solar powered gate operators – get in touch for minimum battery and panel specifications. 

No. Nimbio’s Cellular Controller can connect to the Internet anywhere there’s a cellular signal.  The Nimbio device automatically and continuously locates the strongest cell signal available from local providers, so even devices installed in remote areas can maintain a stable internet connection.

Residents have to download the nimbio app, and create an account for their phone number. From there they request access to a community.

Resident names and telephone numbers appear on your secure Community Manager page as they sign up. From there, a couple of clicks and they are approved and ready to use their keys.

Nimbio provides Doorbell keys which enable trusted service providers to communicate their presence at the property, signaling property managers or residents to let them in through the app (from any location).

Recurring Keys can also be setup for those that require regularly scheduled access.

Within the Nimbio app, there is a history tab where users are able to view the last 7 days of activity associated with keys they have shared. The information provided includes the date & time of each open, who the individual was that accessed the gate/door and which gate/door was accessed if multiple access points are present. [Ask your Nimbio Sales representative about activity logging of all entries through Nimbio-enabled access points in the Community Manager.]

At this time our system is unable to be used as a directory. However, since our device is an add-on system, you are able to keep your directories, dial pads, & clickers in use.

We have a version of the Nimbio Community Manager that you can access via web browser.

If you are interested in integrating with the Nimbio platform we can put you in touch with our product team to discuss.

Yes. Our newest features will always get pushed from the Nimbio servers to the Nimbio hardware and smartphone app. There will never be a need for costly hardware upgrades.