Open your front door or gate with your cell phone. Share virtual keys with friends, family or service providers – anywhere, anytime.

Modernize Your Entryway

Open your front door or gate right from your phone. Buzz in friends, ensure your packages stay safe, and remove the challenge of deliveries that get stuck outside. Nimbio is the safe, secure solution that stays in your pocket.

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Master Keys are provided to residents where Nimbio is installed. They have no restrictions, and must be authorized by the gate owner, community manager, or property manager.

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Recurring Keys allow users to share a key with a guest and allow them recurring access between specific times on specific days.


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Doorbell Keys allow anyone you share them with to request access to your gate or door. When this key is used, the person who shared that key can accept or deny the open request. The request expires after 5 minutes.

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