Nimbio for Buildings

Nimbio offers a solution to one of the largest challenges in property management: balancing convenience and security through common access doors. With Nimbio you get both without compromising either.

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How it Works

Nimbio works with your existing hardware to turn any electronic lock into one you can manage from your phone, making it the most cost effective and convenient option on the market. The Nimbio box uses a cellular connection meaning you don’t have to build or maintain a Wi-Fi network to support the service.

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Nimbio installs a small box connected to a building’s buzzer system or electronic lock.

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An authorized Nimbio key makes an open request to Nimbio’s cloud server.

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Once a request for your building has been verified by the server, the open command is relayed to the box which will trigger the access point to open.

Keep Your Buildings Safe

Protect tenant packages, prevent lock-outs, and eliminate the security risk associated with spare key fobs and entry codes. Nimbio puts you in control of who is or isn’t allowed in your buildings and communities.

The Benefits

Approve and revoke master keys and view all access logs with the Community Manager.

Eliminate late night lock out calls, lost key fobs, or un-trackable, shared keys and codes.

Improved letter, parcel, and food delivery for your residents.

The Nimbio Community Manager

The Community Manager is your command center for the Nimbio platform – available on desktop or via the Nimbio App. Grant access or revoke privileges when someone moves in or out in a matter of seconds. Nimbio puts you in charge of who is (or isn’t) allowed within your property.

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New Feature

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Access Logs

Access logs offer enhanced control and security for commercial and residential properties. Access logs are exclusive to approved property managers, the fields are customizable, and it’s convenient to export.

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