Nimbio Testimonial - Marc, Self-managed HOA President, Las Vegas

As one of our earliest users, Marc has been using Nimbio since February 2019. We sat down with Marc to discuss his experience with the Nimbio access control system in his gated community.

Q: Is Nimbio reliable?

A: The Nimbio system that we installed I want to say about six months ago has been working flawlessly and I can tell you in my neighborhood. If it didn’t, I would certainly know because our neighbors are very particular in terms of the way things work in the community and it’s really been a wonderful system and very helpful in many regards.

Nimbio Reliability

Q: Is Nimbio useful?

A: I use Nimbio for all of my gate entrances. I very rarely ever use the remote control anymore, and I just love the convenience of that. I don’t have to carry anything special like a remote or remember any codes or keys or what-have-you. I just hit a button and boom, it opens up, and it’s ready to go!

Nimbio Usage

Q: How long did the installation take?

A: It was really nothing. The Nimbio installation was quite simple and probably took an hour, I would say. They came one day and it seems like it took no time at all before they left. Nimbio has been absolutely fantastic to work with – Henry and Ephraim – they’re always on time and if there’s any anything that I need, they’re very responsive and great people to work with.

Nimbio Installation

Q: Are Nimbio keys hard to manage?

A: As the president of the Association at Langley Estates, I manage all of the keys for all of the members of the community and setting everyone up was just an absolute breeze. They download the app and it sends automatically a message to me that somebody is trying to register with Nimbio, and then I can either approve or deny. It’s been quick and painless, so I think that the whole process is very, very simple.

Key Management

Q: Has Nimbio surprised you?

A: One of the things that has surprised me about the Nimbio system is how convenient it is for my children, who both have phones to get in and out of the neighborhood. I don’t have to assign a separate gate code to them and I don’t have to worry whether they’re going to lose their key or what have you. All they have to do is know how to find the app and hit the button. For children these days who are growing up with this kind of technology, it’s second nature. So, I think that’s been a pleasant surprise.

Nimbio Surprises

Q: Would you recommend Nimbio to people watching this right now?

A: Absolutely I would recommend it. It’s absolutely simple to use. It was simple to install. It’s worked flawlessly ever since the installation. I don’t think there was one instance where when I hit the open button, the gate didn’t open.

So to me, it’s a no-brainer. It’s it’s system that works very, very well. And we’ve been very pleased with it.

Why I recommend Nimbio

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