Nimbio - Cellular Gate Access Control - Make any electronic gate a smart gate

Who has your gate code? Who have they shared it with? And when do they use it?

Nimbio turns your existing gate into a smart gate, allowing you to control guest access from anywhere with the Nimbio app. Open your community gate with your phone, no matter where you are. With Nimbio, gate codes are a thing of the past. Nimbio is a complete access control system that uses mobile broadband (cellular internet) to allow you to control your gate with your phone from anywhere.

For a limited time, Nimbio is offering a completely free trial. If your community would like to experience the unmatched security and convenience of Nimbio, enter your email address in the form on this page and we’ll get in touch with you with more details.

Nimbio Smart Gate Testimonial

American Owned

Nimbio is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our product and technology is developed in the USA.

No Internet Required

Don’t have WiFi at your gate? No problem. Each Nimbio box has a Mobile Broadband (Cellular/LTE) modem included, providing a steady internet connection.

State of the art security

Nimbio uses Elliptic-curve cryptography, ensuring that all connections are secure and encrypted.

Add-on service

Nimbio installs on top of your existing gate solution. Clickers, fobs, and passcodes still work.

Key Sharing

Each resident can create, share, and manage an unlimited number of keys. Share keys with family and friends via Text/SMS, email, or your preferred method.

For a limited time, Nimbio is offering a completely free trial with no obligation to purchase.

Nimbio Gate Key

Nearly all automated electronic gates are compatible with the Nimbio system. Our technicians can usually install in under an hour.

No. Your current call box, clickers, and fobs are compatible with Nimbio, and will continue to function normally after installation. Nimbio is an add-on service.

Yes. Our servers maintain a constant secure connection to your gate and all resident keys are verified using state of the art (Elliptic-curve) encryption.

Yes. Most communities take advantage of Nimbio’s Cellular Data Connection, which provides an internet access point at the gate. Nimbio devices have 3 different ways of connecting to the internet: WiFi, Ethernet, and Cellular. Gates in with no WiFi coverage can be controlled via cellular network.

No. Resident names and telephone numbers appear on your secure community manager page as they sign up. From there, a couple of clicks and they are approved and ready to use their keys.

Yes. Our newest features will always get pushed from our cloud server to the Nimbio hardware and smartphone app. There will never be a need for costly hardware upgrades.

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