Manager Startup Guide

How to set up Nimbio for your community – Manager startup guide

Follow the steps here to start using Nimbio in your gated community. If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please click here to contact us, or call (800) 353-3422.


Download the Nimbio App

iPhone users, click on the icon below to download the Nimbio app from the Apple Store:

App Store Icon Small 2x

For Android users, download the Nimbio app from the Google Play Store:

Google Play Store


Create your account

Enter your phone number



Confirm by entering the code you receive via text/sms

Enter your name




Type in the name of your community



Contact Nimbio

Contact Nimbio by email or phone (800-353-3422) and tell us the phone number you used to create your account so we can designate your account as a community manager.

Log in as a Community Manager

Once we have informed you that your account has been designated as Manager, log in to Nimbio Community Manager using your phone number. You can access the Nimbio Community Manager either by visiting in any web browser, or you can visit the “Admin” tab in the Nimbio App by tapping the “Admin” button in the bottom right corner.

Log in to the Community Manager app using your phone number


Verify your account with the code you receive via Text/SMS



Confirm your account

Confirm yourself as a master key holder for your community gate by clicking the “+” to right of your name and selecting “ACCEPT”


Confirm yourself as a master key holder for your community gate by clicking the “+”



Open the gate with your phone

You will now be able to open the gate with your phone. To do so, open your app and click the “Open” button as shown below.


Open your gate with your phone



Message your residents

Now that you have Nimbio set up, you can let your residents know via email or text message. Please use one of the templates below depending on your preferred channel of communication with your residents. Make sure to personalize the message by replacing all the text in [BRACKETS] in these templates.

Email Template

We have added a new and convenient way for residents to control our community gate. Once you have downloaded the Nimbio app and set up your verified account, you will be able to open the gate with your smartphone from anywhere at anytime. This means that your guests will no longer need to use the callbox. They can just text you that they are at the gate and you can buzz them in, even if you aren’t home.

All the current gate features still work, but the more we all use Nimbio, the more secure our community will become. In the coming months, Nimbio will be adding some exciting ways to manage one-time and repeat guests. You will see those features appear in the app as soon as they are available.

You can search for the Nimbio app in the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store to get started. You must use your real name and select [INPUT YOUR COMMUNITY GATE NAME HERE] when creating your account so we can verify you with Nimbio as a real resident before they issue you a master key to our community.

If you have any issues creating your account, go to our resident startup guide for more detailed instructions.

Text/SMS Template

Control our gate with your phone! Download the Nimbio app and select [INPUT YOUR COMMUNITY GATE NAME HERE]. See for details.


Verify your residents

Verify Your Residents

Anytime a resident creates a new account, they will appear on your community manager page in the “Pending” list.

View Pending Resident Key Requests

Click the “+” symbol to the right of a pending account to verify that account as a community master key holder.

Approve Resident Key Request

It’s that easy! Just check your resident list on a regular basis, and you will be well on your way to creating a safer and more convenient community gate experience for all of your residents.