NYC Property Group and Nimbio Collaborate To Transform Resident Experience and Security

A real estate acquisition, development and management company is now using Nimbio for their property managers to simplify access control across their portfolio, while offering residents the option to leverage the Nimbio platform to enter their buildings with their cellphones.

A recent survey of residents taking advantage of the Nimbio technology revealed strong marks for the solution. With over 200 digital keys being used by residents, representing over 50% of the units, the survey showed that 70% of them open their main building entrance with the Nimbio app most or every time they enter their building, along with 100% satisfaction and a willingness to recommend the product to others.

“I have been using Nimbio for two months now and I highly recommend it. The system has been installed in all of my buildings and is working really well.”

— Owner

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Building using Nimbio in New York City. Source: Google

The simple, low-cost solution is a win-win for both the property managers and the residents alike. Both parties can conveniently provide service and delivery personnel access to their building from any location and access logs that track opens through the Nimbio system create a new level of security.

“Nimbio prevents lock outs if a tenant loses keys. Staff can also give access to exterminators, contractors, con Ed and FDNY from anywhere at anytime.”

— Owner