Security is a significant concern for people residing in gated communities. An effective security system should be put in place so that the gated community may attract and retain residents.

There are security mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. By avoiding some of these security mistakes, the gated community will be secure, and it will be easy to attract and retain new residents. Also, we will look into some of the security features that should be present in gated communities.

Gated Community Security – Gate Guard

gated community security mistakes

1. Direct Contact with the Security Personnel

The residents of the gated community should be able to contact the security personnel directly. Whenever an issue arises, the residents will notify the security team immediately. This will make the security team aware of any issues and allow them to work on resolving them.

In an instance where the residents are unable to contact the security team directly, intruders may run free for a prolonged period while the security team remains unaware of the issue.

By ensuring the residents of the gated community have a representative who can help to listen to their issues, they will have peace of mind. Over time, the representative’s awareness and prompt resolution of these issues will build trust and confidence in the community’s security team.

2. Unsecured Entries

Security at the point of access is often overlooked. The gate does not guarantee security. Some intruders can easily manipulate the electronically controlled gates. If a gate is the only security option that has been put in place, you should know that there are many ways to access the community without credentials. For maximum security, officers should be put in place. An access station will also come in handy since it will help to track the people going in and out.

3. Lack of Awareness

A risk assessment comes in handy so that present security risks can be corrected promptly. The risk assessment is supposed to pinpoint all potential security breaches that exist. Also, the crime rate within the surrounding area will be assessed in the process.

Besides assessing security in gated communities, it is advisable to ensure that the manager of the gated community has introduced himself to the law enforcement officials within the area. The manager should be in a position to communicate with law enforcement officials directly in case there is a security incident in the community.

The law enforcement officials can offer advice on how the gated community security can be improved. The manager can also ask for information about the security risks that are present within the region.

4. Failing to Offer Educational Resources to the Residents

At times, the manager of the gated community my overlook the significance of ensuring the residents are educated about the present security protocols. The residents usually appreciate the security efforts that are put in place by the management. They are also willing to cooperate in case there is a security breach.

It can be helpful to hold a community meeting. Brochures can also be distributed to inform the residents of the security procedures that have been put in place at different access points. The residents should also be informed about the procedures they are supposed to follow when they are inviting guests into the gated community. Community management staff must work with residents to ensure that gated community security is not compromised.

5. The Presence of Incomplete Visitor Logs

The residents of the gated community will invite guests and visitors from time to time. The guests should always sign the visitor logs. A digital visitor management system should be put in place. The visitor logs within the gated community should be complete and comprehensive. In the process, the community will be aware of all non-residents who enter the community.

The guests should be in a position to show their official identification forms as they sign the visitor logs. As a result, it will be easy to track whoever is coming or going. Besides showing the identity of the guests, the visitor logs should also show the period during which the guests were in and out of the community.

gated community security enhancements

After looking into the mistakes that render the gated communities insecure, we will now look into the security features that can enhance security in gated communities. Some of the significant security features that should be present in a gated community include:

1. Security Officers

It is advisable to hire security officers since they will help to strengthen the security within the gated community. The security officers usually monitor the entry points within the gated community. In the process, they will ensure that unauthorized visitors cannot access the gated community. The security officers can also patrol the gated community at intervals. In case they notice some suspicious behaviors, they will act accordingly. In the process, they will deter criminals while stopping crime within the community.

2. Lighting

Street lights should be installed within the gated community. Proper lighting will ensure that there is improved visibility, and the gated community will be secure.

High visibility usually deters criminals from engaging in crime since they are more likely to be caught. High visibility also comes in handy since the residents can quickly notice any suspicious activity. They will then report the matter to the security personnel who will then look into the matter.

3. Security Risk Assessment

To improve the gated community security, a security risk assessment should be carried out. A prominent security company should be tasked with handling such tasks. The evaluation will help to reveal the vulnerabilities that may be present within the gated community. In case there are vulnerabilities, the security company will offer recommendations on the changes that should be made to ensure the community is secure.

4. Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras should be installed since they will help to ensure the gated community is secure. Some residents may not want the surveillance cameras posted throughout the gated community. In such an instance, the demands of the residents should be respected. Nevertheless, for maximum security, the surveillance cameras should be posted in all the entry points within the gated community. The cameras will ensure the perpetrators can be identified easily in case any unusual incident takes place within the community. The surveillance cameras also come in handy since valuable evidence can be retrieved easily. The evidence can then be presented to the proper authorities.

5. Visitor Logs

If there is a security officer at the entrance to the gated community, they can keep track of the visitor logs. The visitor logs come in handy since they can be used to identify the perpetrators who may have engaged in unusual activity within the community. When a crime takes place, the visitors who were present during the period when the incident took place will become the suspects. They will be interrogated, and the perpetrators can be identified.

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