People buy electric gates for a few simple reasons. They want privacy, general access control, and security. The burglary rate in the United States is around 314 cases per 100,000. Thankfully the statistic has been on a steady decline since the 1990’s. However, burglary and home invasions still exist. People’s home’s get broken into all of the time…and some places are worse than others. So…why do criminals hate electric gates and how can you use that to your advantage to protect your home…

What Stops Criminals Attempting To Rob Your Home

There are a variety of considerations which might come into the mind of a burglar before deciding to rob you or not. Thanks to an in depth study by Joseph B Kuhns it’s crystal clear what stops burglars going through with their crimes. He interviewed around 422 criminals who’d been incarcerated for burglary and asked them what the biggest obstructions were when picking where to burgle. Some of the biggest blockers were:

An electric gate comes under the “higher fences” point, along with the route being difficult to traverst. If a criminal sees an electric gate of any kind the likelihood is the home is protected. Climbing over the electric gate is going to take time. Criminals hate electric gates because they provide extended security and another layer of defense to overcome. 

Electric Gates Are An Indicator Of More Security

If you see an electric gate outside someone’s house, barring the way, it’s logical to assume they might have further security measures in the home. This might be an alarm, CCTV, smart bell systems etc. It’s an indicator. It lets you know the person at home takes security seriously enough to invest in an electric gate outside their home. It might lead the burglar to go elsewhere and abandon their attempt to gain forceful entry to your home. This alone might not stop the burglar attempting to get in. However, it might force an opportunistic thief to rethink their plans.

Other helpful, visual cues are a good call here too. Think about a visible alarm system or CCTV.

An Electric Gate Renders Stealing Large Items Untenable

For those bigger items like TV’s and expensive equipment, the criminals are going to need a truck or a larger car. They will usually pull the vehicle close to your home so they don’t have to carry the items far. If you use an electric gate on your property, or if your gated community uses an electric gate it’s doubtful that they’ll be able to use a vehicle to help them out. How are they going to get it through the gate? They won’t be able to pass heavy items up and over it, nor will they be able to use a vehicle which means they might ignore your property altogether. 

The only way around this would be, to some way, open the electric gate. If you use a cellular electric gate this is not going to happen as the security is good. If they force the gate it’s going to make a lot of noise and potentially attract you or your neighbors to the commotion.

Criminals Can Get Caught On The Wrong Side Of The Electric Gate

If they can somehow sneak past your gate access control system they might end up getting caught between your property and the gate. Stealing often necessitates a quick escape. If they can’t get away fast enough they’ll inevitably end up getting caught. They don’t want to be locked in. It’s one thing scaling the gate to get in…but imagine scaling it the other way with a bag full of heavy, stolen goods? It won’t be easy at all. Even if they manage to slip in somehow it might take a different methodology to get back out the other way. 

Gate Timers Make It Harder

The gate opening is enough to throw a criminal off and send them running. A dedicated criminal might try to learn when the gate is actually on a timer and try to sneak in. However, the gate is usually on a timer for a reason and it probably means you are entering and leaving your property, not a good time for them to try and be sneaky.

They Could Hurt Themselves Climbing The Security Gate 

Sure, they might try to get up and over the electric gate. However, they could hurt themselves doing this. The thought of potentially hurting themselves means they might not try anything. They could fall from the top of the gate, catch themselves on a sharp railing, or they could hurt themselves landing on the ground, especially if the gate is really high.

They might also cut themselves if they try to squeeze through the gate or prize the slats/railings open. No thief wants to hurt themselves. For a start, they might not be able to get away and have to explain themselves to you or law enforcement. They may also leave DNA at the scene if they cut themselves. An electric gate presents a sizable obstacle to any determined criminals and it’s a reason why individual property owners, gated communities and thousands of businesses use them as security and access control measures. 

Electric gates are there for a reason, to heighten the access control your property provides and to increase security for you and your family. Criminals don’t like them for exactly that reason. If you want to read more on electric gates visit our blog, or if you want to know about the features a cellular electric gate can provide visit our features page. As always, if there was something specific you wanted to know and can’t find the answer feel free to visit our contact page. 

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