Electric gate installation is a brilliant way to protect a property you own or a gated community you’re part of and offer more security for you and your loved ones. However, it’s important to make sure that your property is ready before the installation can take place. The parameters differ from one installation company to the next, but there are certain things you can do to make sure the installation runs smoothly.

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 Gate Installation from Start to Finish

Gate Installation Steps
How do I install a new automated gate? These 6 steps explain

Assess The Need For A Gate

The first thing you need to do is think about whether or not you need a gate. Some people like to get a gate for aesthetic reasons, others want to raise the value of their home or need some added security. It might be that you’re creating a gated community as part of a HOA. In 2015, there were reportedly 11 million units in secured communities, likely gated. More and more gated communities are springing up and their popularity attests to the fact that people feel a lot more secure living behind a gate. Assessing the need for a gate is harder when you’re not just doing it for yourself. Businesses and commercial properties also install gates to protect the premises or allow easier access for customers and employees. Assessment is the first place to start, and it’s worth spending some time on thinking about what kind of smart electric gate you would like.

Consider Your Access System

There are different types of access systems which you can install when using an electric gate. It’s ultimately down to your preference and budget. The most common are: 

People are pretty much always carrying cell phones, so having the entrance gate controlled via a smartphone app is becoming the go to choice, however, it all depends on your circumstances. The fob can also be useful if you attach it to your keys, but it can be easy to lose and quite cumbersome. Number Plate recognition isn’t infallible either as it’s quite easy to get dirt on the plate and weather can cause issues with LPR. A swipe card is annoying to carry and a digital keypad can be finicky if you live somewhere with bad weather. Reaching out into the pouring rain or freezing cold is never fun. The requirements can also change depending on how many people want access. If it’s for a whole community, getting multiple numbers of fobs or key cards can be troublesome, whereas giving people access to the app on their phone is simple. 

Get The Measurements Right

Your automated gate installer can help you with this, depending on who you use. Normally, an electric gate can be made to fit any gap, but you need to measure the clearance behind the gate too. Essentially, you need to make sure the electric gate can open fully. The ground needs to be even too. There’s a slight hill behind the gate, it might catch on the ground. It might be that you need to cut into the hill to create clearance. Getting this right before ordering is vital, especially if you’re getting one made to size instead of store bought. Again, if you’re not sure speak to the company you’re ordering the gate from or other access professional. Contact us if you would like to find a local installer in your area.

Make Sure The App Works On Your Phone

If you’ve had an automated gate installed, and choose to install s smart app to control the gate, you need to make sure the app works on your phone. In the first instance, make sure you’ve got a phone in which the app can work. A smart phone with the Apple (iOS) or Android operating system will allow you to download most smart gate apps, but it’s always worth checking before commiting to an installation of an electric smart gate. You’ll need space on the phone to download the app, and a data plan. WIFI works when leaving the property, but when you’re coming home you might not be connected to WIFI as you hit the gate, leading to a delay. You won’t experience this if you’re connected to 4G/5G and have an active data plan.  

Ensure The Area Is Clear

This means you have to ensure there is a clean space for installation. Ensure the area is in good shape and the construction team or installer can work freely. If you have pets, especially dogs, consider keeping them inside or leashed so they don’t disturb the installation of the gate. At the same time, you need to make sure there’s space for parking outside your property if there isn’t space on the inside. This means parking elsewhere and keeping the space clear for the installation team. If you’re installing a large gate, or multiple gates, then expect larger vans and trucks as gates can be quite heavy. If you can ensure the area is clear and workable, then the installation will go a lot easier. Here are some quick tips regarding clearing of the area for your electric gate:

Thoroughly Test It

Once the installation is complete, the installer will want to test it out with you. Especially if you’re using a cellular gate entry system. You need to make sure the gate opens evenly and properly, and of course check that the cellular system works well. If you’ve already got an automated gate entry system, and have installed smart gate technology, you’ll just want to test out the cellular capability. Make sure you know exactly how to use the gate before the installation is signed off and work out how to use the corresponding app including how to give and revoke access. Once your smart gate is tested, you can start using it.

Once everything is installed and finished, you can relax knowing your home or gated community is safer with access to your home protected by your gate. If you want to know more about how we work, check out our testimonials page or get in touch

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