A gate entry system is usually made up of an automated gate, which opens and closes as you enter and leave your property in your vehicle, along with a mode for signaling to the gate so it knows when to operate. They’ve gained in popularity over the years as technology has made them more accessible. Deciding on whether a gate entry system is right for you and your home can be tough so here are some of the pros and cons of owning one.

Cons of Owning A Gate Entry System

It Can Take Longer To Gain Access To Your Property

Depending on the mode of gate access you use, it can take longer to gain entry to your property. For example, if you use a number plate recognition system for your gate entry, a smudge on the lens reader, or some mud on your number plate means it’ll either take you longer to gain access, or the system won’t work at all. It’s why a cellular gate entry system is the preferred mode of entry. You can be sure the gate is open when you need it to be by scheduling the gate to be held open during certain hours. Cellular gate entry aside, it’s likely you’ll have to wait a moment or two for the gate to process your arrival. 

It Takes Up Space

The installation of a gate takes up space. Sure, the gate itself is pretty small in terms of width, but there needs to be space for a motor too. If you don’t think your property is big enough, or it’s in an awkward plot, it might be difficult to install. There are usually solutions these days and you might be surprised what you can fit into smaller spaces. Even so, the swinging arc of an opening gate can be quite wide so make sure you have the space for them to open properly.

Do You Cycle Much?

If you cycle often, whether it’s cycling to work or just as a hobby, the electric gate can become irritating as it won’t open for you if you’re relying on loop detectors under the street, or using number plate recognition. Of course, you might be able to leave the property another way. If you can’t, you’ll have to do it manually. Manual opening can be circumvented with a smart gate app because you can just open and close the gate with your smartphone as you leave and and arrive. If you do it at the same time every day, you can schedule the gate to be open too. However, older versions of electric gates which haven’t been updated to function with gate entry system apps might become irritating if you cycle often. 

Gate Entry System - Pros and Cons

Pros of Owning A Gate Entry System


It’s the number one reason why the majority of people decide to install a gate entry system. In the US, the burglary rate is 314.2 in 100,000 of the population. Pretty low, however that’s for the whole of the USA. If you know you live somewhere where burglary is a problem then owning a gate to shield your property is going to work as an active deterrent. This applies to owning a gate entry system for your own personal property, your business, and the gated community of which you’re part of. Ensuring the gate entry system is accessible with a smart gate app makes it even more secure, as you can monitor who has access and who doesn’t. 


Similar to security, but it deserves a paragraph of its own. If you have children, or pets, and live on a busy road or a road with a high speed limit, ensuring they can’t simply wander out of your home and onto the road is paramount. A gate entry system can do this. If they’re out in the garden playing you’ll have peace of mind knowing they can’t wander out onto the road.

Bring Insurance Costs Down

If you live somewhere with high home insurance costs, purchasing a gate entry system can help bring the costs down because your home or community is better protected. This is especially the case if you use a smart gate app and can control exactly who gets access at any given time. With the average rate of home insurance going up 42% since 2009, and with currently the average American paying around $109 a month, it makes sense to try and bring it down wherever possible. Protecting your home or community with a gate will certainly do that.

Home Value Increase

A gate entry system will increase the value of your home or community for the reasons mentioned above. However, if you install a modern smart gate with smart gate app integration, you’ll likely increase the value a bit more because of how easy it is to utilize and use. Each area is different but there aren’t any areas where a functioning smart gate properly installed and maintained would hurt the value of the property. People value ease of use, safety, and modern technology.

They Are Aesthetically Pleasing

You don’t need to go for the usual iron bar gate that adorns many properties. You can get whatever gate you want. These days, your gate entry system can fit right into the decor of your home and the surrounding area. If you take the right amount of time to research gate options and have a fair budget, the gate adds to the overall look of your home, it doesn’t ruin it. It also ensures a level of privacy for your home, especially if you use a wooden gate or something similar. 

Figure Out If A Gate Entry System Is Right For You

Looking at and considering the Pros and Cons are great, but all that matters is your current situation and whether or not you feel a gate entry system or a full cellular gate entry system is right for you at the moment. Think about how long you’re going to stay in the property and whether or not the installation is feasible. You should also consider family safety and ease of access in regards to how often you drive and use the gate. 

If you’re not sure about your gate entry system, or want to make your gate smart with Nimbio’s Cellular Gate Entry System, feel free to contact us for a chat.

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