You might have seen ads for keyless entry, or perhaps your friends and family have spoken about it. It’s becoming more popular each and every year. You’ve probably seen keyless entry on vehicles? Where you simply walk near the car or press a button and the car unlocks? Well the same principle applies to gates, smart doors, and other kinds of smart locks. You can unlock the door or gate without a key, hence keyless entry.

Naturally, this makes some people feel nervous. Some like the security that a key provides and won’t switch to anything that’s a bit more future forward. However, with the constant advent of proptech and the internet of things, it’s likely that more and more “locks” will be controlled via keyless entry. 

Is Keyless Entry Safe?

One of the first questions often asked about keyless entry is whether or not keyless entry is safe. You may be wondering how smart apartment access control security is affected if you were to install keyless entry. In short, yes, keyless entry is a safe method of access control that you should feel safe using for your family, gated community, or business.

However, it depends what keyless entry system you opt for. Take a standard key operated lock, for example. Some are better designed and far more secure than others. The same applies to keyless entry. You can get different grades of lock you can purchase, with some being better than others. It’s always important to check the company out, what testimonials and reviews have they garnered? What have people said about them? Is the build quality good? Once you’re confident in regards to these questions you can approach the company and speak to them about installation and the process for hooking the system up. 

Is Keyless Entry Better Than Using Traditional Keys

No lock? No Problem

The one major thing keyless entry has going for it, is that there isn’t a keyhole. A keyhole is a vulnerability. A lock can be picked or manipulated, or even forced. When you’re using keyless entry, you’ve got the benefit of there not being a lock. The system will tell the bolts to move, locking or unlocking the door. No need for a keyhole.

Auto Lock Makes A difference

This is especially good for kids. They get home from school and forget to lock the door behind them. Depending on what door you have, this can prove a vulnerability. Doors with keyless entry will lock themselves.

With a keyless lock, you can lock the door yourself from your app when you see it’s open. The same goes for an electric gate. You can even set it, depending on the manufacturer, to lock after a certain amount of time automatically.

Auto lock means no more worrying when you’re 20 minutes from home and say “did i lock the door/gate”. With Nimbio, for example, you just need to check the app to see what the status of your electric gate system is. 

No More Lost Keys

In the USA, more than 20 million people lose their car keys or house keys every year. That’s a huge vulnerability. You can bet that people don’t get new locks every time they lose a key, creating a huge security concern. People hide spare keys in the garden, and give them out to family members. Keys are easily lost and it can be an expensive problem if you end up getting new ones cut all of the time.

Easy Gate Access

You can take this a step further when using keyless entry for electric gates. Gate codes are still popular, but you can see the gate code as the key itself. Same with a buzzer, or access fob. It’s not really keyless, is it? You still need something dangling from a keyring and codes can create security vulnerabilities. Keyless access using a smartphone app is the way to go. People protect and care for their smartphones and even if lost, they have biometric security features and are externally lockable so any threat to your gate is mitigated. Keyless entry is always far better when using it for an electric gate, not to mention far more convenient.

How Can You Get Keyless Entry

It’s really pretty straightforward. You replace an existing door lock with a keyless entry lock, just make sure it’s of good quality and that you can control it with an app on your phone. For electric gates, which are super convenient when driving too and from a gated community or home, you just need to install the software on the gate. For example, to get Nimbio working you need to:

In theory, it’s pretty simple. And, all controllable from your smartphone. Keyless gates are brilliant for gated communities with a high traffic flow, for people with mobility issues, or for people who want a simple method for entering and exciting their property.

Is Keyless Entry Worth It?

We think so. We’ve seen countless customers install our smart cellular keyless entry system and reap the rewards. Some have talked about their experiences in our testimonial section. You need to do a bit of work to get keyless entry set up, but once it’s up and running you’ll benefit from better access, better security, and usability for everyone who interacts with the gate or door.

It works for businesses, private homes and gated communities. The future lies in keyless entry. It won’t be long before homes are built without keyholes, but with keyless entry hardware instead. It’s secure, safe, and easy to use. 

Our blog is full of other articles regarding keyless entry and electric gates in general, along with tips regarding using them. If you’re wondering about Nimbio in particular you can check out our features page. Have questions? Our FAQs page can help you and if not, feel free to contact us

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