Winter isn’t usually the time of year for cultivating the lawn and planting flowers. Depending on where you live the yard might be the least likely place you’d spend some time at the moment. Even if you live somewhere hot, the changeable weather isn’t always appealing. However, it’s a great time to start planning and putting some thought into how you might change your outdoor space for the better. Not just how it looks on the eye, but how it feels ties in with your life. An electric gate is a brilliant bit of proptech that can add to your yard if incorporated properly, but there are of course other ways you can make your space worthwhile for both you and your family.

An Electric Gate Can Fit Into Your Yard

Usually, we find that most of our customers install ther cellular smart entry gate at the front of the property, with a few exceptions. It means it doesn’t interfere with your yard to the rear. Yet, for those that install their gate system at the back, or who have their main yard or lawn to the front of the house, there are some innovative ways to tie in your overall theme into your gate installation.

Think of Gate Material 

If your yard furniture is centered around a wood theme, with wooden benches and decorations, your gate can fit right in. Remember, you can make any gate an electronic smart gate, including a wooden gate. Whether you want to use wood which is opaque in nature, or use wood to appear as railings, you can tie it into whatever look you’re going for. If you use black furniture, go for black railings. Essentially, the gate won’t ruin what you’ve got going on outside your property.

You Can Incorporate Your Gate

Sounds a bit strange, but there are many who incorporate their gate into the outdoor decor. You can do this by running a bush over the top of the gate. Think about ivy, or other hedera plants which grow fast. You can even use artificial plants so the maintenance is a lot less intensive. The use of planters on each gate post is another way to integrate the gate into your outdoor design, just make sure the posts are big enough.

Keep Space By Focusing On Your Gate Opening Type

If you’re worried about your yard space being taken up by your electric gate swinging inwards, you can think about different types of gate opening systems. If you want, you can have the gate swinging outward where necessary so long as there’s space and the gate doesn’t block the sidewalk or cause any issues in the neighborhood. The gates can slide one way or the other and even collapse to make the most of your yard space. If you have a yard with little depth it might be worth considering a kind of gate which preserves some of your space. You do need space elsewhere to do this however.

An Electric Awning Can Make Life Easier

A cellular electric gate isn’t the only thing that can make life a lot easier. An electric awning can do the same thing. If you live somewhere hot, and love spending time outside this is a game changer. It means you can get some shade with the click of a button. It also means you can enjoy the sun without having to store a parasol. They usually come in rolls, and are attached to the side of the home. As far as proptech goes they’re not exactly cutting edge, but they can add a little bit of modernity to the yard while giving you real life usefulness. Some are battery operated, while some are wired into the home’s main electrical system so you don’t have to worry about changing the battery over.

Outdoor Heaters Can Take Your Outdoor Space To The Next Level

Why? Because you can spend more time there. Way more time. If it’s starting to get a little cold in the night just switch the heater on and stay outside. It allows you to utilize the yard for a much longer period. Whether you’ve got friends over, have decided to work outside or just like relaxing with a book. You can grab a fire pit or use a space heater. Each comes with pros and cons like having to find fuel to feed the fire or needing electricity to power the heater. However, heaters give you the option to spend your time somewhere you love for longer. 

No Space Inside? Set Up An Office Outside

We don’t mean that you should set up on a table in the rain right in front of your recently installed cellular electric gate. Instead, you can use the space available and build a small outbuilding for you to work from. You won’t have to use a room inside the house, which is really useful if you’ve got a large family or not too many rooms available. It sounds expensive but it really doesn’t have to be. You can construct something properly if you wanted to and get the electrics run in but you can also purchase prefabricated buildings which will do the job just fine. Just make sure the building material is sufficient when you take your local weather into account. 

Smart Sprinklers Can Save You Time And Money

Sticking with the smart theme, sprinklers are really useful. Sprinklers on a timer have been around for a long time, and they have their uses. However, it can be frustrating sometimes when you know you need to turn them off or you might need another blast when the weather has turned. You can do this from the comfort of your own home or from elsewhere if the need arises. They can help stop you using too much water too, keeping the bills a bit lower long term. They’re better for people with larger lawns but depending on your circumstance they might be a good investment for everyone. As far as property technology goes they’re a good buy.

Each person’s taste in their yard and outdoor space in general will vary. Some will want to go for the electric gate while others will look at other elements which can improve the yard as well as their life in general. If a cellular electric gate sounds like something you could use, you can check out the key features of the gate system we offer, read our blog for more home insights or contact us for further detail.

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