Phone apps have become ever popular since the inception of the Smartphone over a decade ago. In fact, 62% of all modern businesses use web apps to represent their offerings in relevant app stores. It’s no wonder then that people are often asking whether there is an app to open gates. As there’s pretty much an app to do everything these days, of course there exists apps that can link up with cellular gate entry software. The trick is in finding an app and software that link up effectively and provides a good all around security solution.

Proptech and IOT Lead To Apps To Open Gates

The internet of things is a common term that references how common consumer goods are being further enhanced by connecting them to the internet. Property technology has been advancing too in recent years and, now that the two have linked up, there’s some extremely user friendly and accessible technology available to homeowners that makes life a lot easier.

So, yes, there are apps for cellular gate entry. The internet of things, along with cellular technology, allows users to open and close their electric gates using an application on their smartphone. This is usable in a number of applications:

Among others. However, although there is an app for cellular gate entry, there are a few on the market and choosing the right one can be tough. Plus, there are a few things you can do to get the best out of your cellular gate entry technology.

How To Install An App For Cellular Gate Entry

This is the really easy part. You just navigate to the app store and search. For example, if you search for Nimbio, our user-friendly app will appear. Download it and you’ll have the app on your phone ready to go. 

Installing the app is just as easy as installing any app. Once you’ve connected the app to the cellular gate entry system in question, you’ll easily be able to open and close the gate. With Nimbio, you’ll also be able to create a master key with which you can control wider access to the gate. For example, if you’re in charge of your gated community access control, you can give and revoke entry privileges where necessary.

How To Install The Nimbio App

Of course, for your app to work with cellular gate entry, you’ll need to install the respective software on your electric gate.

Cellular Gate Entry: Installing Software

For the better gate control apps, there’s corresponding software that needs to be installed on the gate itself. Let’s take Nimbio as an example:

With Nimbio, the hardware takes less than an hour to install on an existing electric gate. Once the Nimbio FN board is installed and wired, you can connect it to the app. It’s incredibly simple. Here are some further installation resources you might find useful in regards to Nimbio:

Nimbio Install Directions

Nimbio Installation Guide

There’s always help available where necessary. Certain cellular gate entry software providers use expert installers to get this done for you.

Remember, each installer and each app will be slightly different. We can only talk form our own experience with Nimbio. Our testimonials will of course give you a flavor of how popular the system is.

Cellular Entry App Longevity

There are always things you can do to make sure the system (being the gate and the app) works well and is always secure. If you have paid for a cellular gate entry system, you need to look after it to ensure security isn’t compromised.

Keep a lock on your phone

If you lose your phone, and it isn’t locked, it’ll be easy for the person who picked up your phone to open the gate. People are quite guarded with their phones so this never happens. Especially when you consider biometric security measures on most modern smartphones. However, it’s important to double check.

At the same time, you need to make sure you don’t end up getting locked out of your phone. Always keep it secure.

This is even more important if you’re using a master key. You should also explain the importance of smartphone security to others on the network too. This could be family members, work colleagues, or even a whole gated community. 

Even with this all taken into account, it’s a far more secure method of cellular gate entry than buzzer entry, pin code, number plate recognition, etc. 

Practice Safe Gate Usage

Your app to control the gate won’t work if you don’t look after the gate. There are a few simple tips to ensure safe gate usage that also extend the longevity of the gate. 

To Conclude

Yes, there is an app for cellular gate entry systems. In fact, there are multiple apps with corresponding software that needs to be installed on the gate. The myriad of choices can be distracting, it’s always best to go with a reputable company that prioritizes ease of use and customer service. You can see what Nimbio offers by checking out our features page. 

Our blog is full of useful articles regarding electric gates and proptech. If you want to know more about Nimbio in particular then have a look at our FAQ’s page or contact us directly. 

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