Nimbio Installation Guide

How to Install the Nimbio Device on any Electronic Gate or Lock

Follow the steps here to install the Nimbio device.

The following is a step-by-step guide that explains how to install the Nimbio Gate Entry System. There are 3 parts to the installation:


Connect the Wires

Download the Nimbio App

Configure the Device with the Installer App

Follow the steps below to complete the installation.


Before you start: are you installing on a Liftmaster CSW200 or SL3000?

Liftmaster CSW200 and SL3000 Operators require an external power supply.  Do not connect the Nimbio device directly to the 24V on the CSW200 or SL3000 operator board, you will need to install with an external power supply.

Connect the wires

Follow the instructions here to connect the box and power it on. Leave the top of the box enclosure unscrewed, as you will need to interact with the board in the following steps. Once you have completed the wiring, move on to the next step.

Nimbio Installation Instructions

Download the Nimbio App

If you haven’t already downloaded the Nimbio app, instructions on how to install the app are here:

Nimbio Gate Entry System – How to Download

Please contact your distributor or get in touch with us in order to unlock the Nimbio installer app on your phone.

Turn on Bluetooth and Location Permissions

The Nimbio installer app uses bluetooth to connect to the hardware device during installation. After downloading the app, make sure that your bluetooth is turned on.

Nimbio also uses device location during the activation. Please make sure that Nimbio has Location Access set to “While using the app” on iPhone, and “Allow only while using the app” on Android phones.

How to change app permissions on Android phones

How to change app permissions on an iPhone

Start the Installer App

Tap the “Install” Tab at the bottom of the screen

Tap on the Install Tab

Select the Nimbio device with the strongest signal

After you tap the Install tab, you will see a list of all nearby Nimbio devices. Select the one with the strongest signal by tapping it.

Tap on the nearest box

Activate the SIM Card

The Nimbio device comes with the sim card pre-installed. Activate the SIM card by tapping the “Activate” button. Once you tap the button, the SIM card will begin the activation process. Activation is complete when the blue LED flashes quickly.


Name the Community

In the next step, you will enter the name of the community. Tap the “Continue” button to proceed.

If this is not the first gate in the community, select the community name under “Recent Communities.” Otherwise, tap “New Community” and proceed to the next step.

Enter the Community Info

Type in the required information, including Community Name, Gate Owner Name, Gate Owner Phone, and Gate Owner Email. The Gate Owner is the contact person you are working with on the installation. You will need to ask the Gate Owner what they’d like their community to be named.

Please make sure the correct phone number and email for the Gate Owner is entered during this step. Without the proper contact information, Nimbio will not be able to activate the device!

Select the Community Location

Tap the “Continue” button to proceed to the community location map.

The pin on the map will default to your current location. If necessary, move the pin to the location of the main entry gate for the community. Press the arrow at the bottom right to proceed.

Configure the Device

Here you will set the name of the latch, which will appear above the “Open” button in the resident’s Nimbio app. Typical latch names include “Main Gate” “Rear Gate” or “Pine Street”.

Tap “Continue” to enter the device configuration screen.

If you’d like to change the Latch Name to something other than “Main Gate” tap the Latch Name field and type in the new name.

Set the Device Timezone

Tap “Continue” to set the device’s timezone. The first option will attempt to guess your current timezone based on your location.

Tap on the timezone for this device.

Set the Gate Location

Set the location of the device being installed by tapping “Continue” and placing the pin on the map in the appropriate spot. The pin will default to your current location.

If the pin matches the location where the device is being installed, tap the button in the bottom right to continue to the next step. Otherwise, move the pin to the location where the device will be installed.

Program Device

Finalize the data you’ve entered by tapping “Program Device”:

If the programming is successful, you will see the “Success” screen. Tap the “Continue” button to proceed.

Test the Device

The device setup is now complete and ready for use! The final step to confirm everything is working is to test the Open functionality.

To test if Nimbio can open the gate, press the button on the Nimbio board. The button is located on the right side of the board next to the Nimbio logo, circled in red here:

After you press the button, the “Open” button will turn blue. Stand clear of the gate and press the “Open” button and confirm that the device opens the gate.

Need Help?

If the gate doesn’t open or you have questions about any step of the install, please press the “Request call” button at the bottom of the screen. This button will send Nimbio the information from your device, and we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

What happens next?

Now that you’ve completed the installation, Nimbio will contact the Gate Owner using the information you provided during the install.

Nimbio will activate the service once we have collected payment information from the community.

Mount the Box

The installation is now complete! The last step is to screw on the box enclosure top and mount the box.

After screwing in the box top with the 4 included screws, mount the box in a convenient place inside the gate operator housing.

Make sure that the antennas are pointing upwards.

Optional: Change the Relay On Time

If you’d like to change the Relay On Time, tap “Box Settings,” and then select “Relay On Time”.


Tap “Relay On Time” and select the value you want for the gate.