If you’ve an investor and you’re building your own property you’ve probably thought about home security. It doesn’t matter if you’re building one property, a block of apartments, or a whole gated community, security is important. How you approach the security layout will depend on the kind of homes you’re building, as well as where you’re building them. Remember, Americans value their security and if you want to not only increase the value of the homes you’re building, but help home buyers feel safe, you’ll pay attention to security. 

Electric Gate Security System

If you’re building premium homes, an electric gate security system can leave buyers feeling a lot more secure and comfortable. An electric gate is great for both privacy and security. Thieves and criminals are often put off by well installed electric gates. Gate security systems are a lot more accessible than before. A cellular access system, using smart phones and virtual keys, makes getting in and out of the property a cinch. No more worrying about entering a four digit code or keeping a keyfob on a keyring.

An electric gate is a brilliant bit of prop tech whether used for one home or more. You can place multiple homes behind an electric gate and create a gated community. Each home still benefits from being secure, while your costs come down as you don’t need to worry about purchasing multiple gates. All you need to do is teach the homeowners how to use the gate entry app upon arrival. 

It might seem like the gate will take up a fair bit of space, it probably will. However, you can make the most of the space around the gate entry system. For example, there are different gate movements available:

The good thing about a cellular access system is that it is applicable to all types of gate. You can turn any gate into a smartgate. As the majority of people have a smartphone nowadays, it makes controlling who has access to the home or community easy. No more having to change over pin codes.

Pre-Installed Smart Cameras

Think about Google Nest, or Ring. These are the kind of smart security people love nowadays. If you can pre-install them in a home they’ll form a unique selling point. People won’t need to purchase them after the sale. It’s an easy win, and when coupled with a smart gate allows you to offer a wider package of security for the household. 

Smart cameras are usually installed around the property, and can be accessed remotely by smartphone. They usually cover the front door, and if you’ve got an electric gate you can fit one there too. One for the front, and one for the back of the house is usually standard. 

Smart doorbells are also a good addition and will certainly be another selling point, especially when coupled with smart cameras. If residents have sight of their whole home, from the smart gate out front right the way through to the doorbell they’ll be far more secure. 

Invest In Strong Doors

Doors come in various strengths with a wide variety of locks to secure the home. If you’re building and investing in property, you want prospective buyers to feel secure so make sure the front door is a good one with a good locking mechanism. You should also do the same for the door in the back of the house. 

Smart locks are becoming more popular all of the time, but the most common locks in America are deadbolts or inbuilt handle locks. As long as they’re up to standard and installed properly you’ll lend buyers more confidence. If you’re going to fit the home with smart locks, make sure they’re good ones. There’s no point investing in a cutting edge smart gate only for the security to fall flat at the front door. As smart locks aren’t yet the standard, a lot of people might be put off by them. It depends on the demographic of your local area, do some research before going ahead.

Good Windows

Windows allow light and fresh air into the home and also give the home some character, however, they’re also a weak point that thieves like to target. If they get beyond the electric gate a thief will usually either go for the door or a window. 

Not only do windows need to be up to scratch from a security point of view, they also must be of a good standard so that they keep warm air in, and cold air out, especially if the homes are being built in a colder State. Try to ensure they’re triple glazed for a start and check they’ve been installed properly so that there aren’t any vulnerabilities that can be exploited. 

Use a reputable window installation company and make sure there are guarantees in place. You can pass the guarantees over to the homeowner once they’ve purchased the property.

Sensor Spotlights

If you want to impress buyers with your security diligence it isn’t too hard to install a sensor spotlight. These are useful near garages, or outdoor storage areas. They’re also useful if installed where cars are likely to park. You can buy them where they’re battery operated, or connect them to the main electrical supply. Make sure you buy ones where the level of light output is adjustable. Some find the light too bright and they’re easily set off by animals at night.

There should also be an easy to access switch which turns the system on and off entirely. As much as they’re a good idea, there are people out there who absolutely hate sensor spotlights.

PropTech Security could be the difference

People won’t buy a home unless they feel like their loved ones are going to be protected. Paying attention to modern security features like a cellular smart gate can make the difference between someone feeling confident to buy or passing your property over.

If you want to read more about prop tech, cellular electric gates and home security check out our blog. Our features page explains what you should expect from a modern gate security system and our testimonials section outlines how useful an electric gate can be. 

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