To gate, or not to gate, that is the question. If you’re looking at buying or renting your next home, you may be wondering if a gated community is right for you. There are many Pros and Cons for you to consider, and here are 5 Pros and Cons of living in a Gated Community.

PRO: safety

The number one reason people choose a gated community over a non-gated community is for the added safety. By having an access control point, gated communities are better able to control who enters the community. While being in a gated community does not ensure your home will not be broken into, it does make it harder for that thief. Most burglars are looking for an easy opportunity, so anything you can do to make your home more of a hassle for them will help keep you safer.

Some gated communities partner a gate with a guard patrol, depending on the area the gated community is in as well as the level of luxury behind the gate. If you’re interested in seeing the Top 10 Most Stunning Gated Communities in the Country, check out our recent post!

CON: higher cost

Being part of a gated community often comes with a higher cost – Homeowner Association (HOA) fees. If your home is in a gated community, your community will have fees to cover the cost and maintenance of the gate, as well as the rest of the shared amenities in the community.

Also, if purchasing a home in a gated community, you will have to continue paying those HOA fees for as long as you own the house. In some gated communities, this can add a significant amount to the cost of ownership, but usually the amenities are there to match the fees.

PRO: Privacy

Living in a gated community means you have more privacy, and this is a reason why you see most celebrities and famous figures choose them. While it may be a requirement for A-listers, us normal folk can also benefit from some of that privacy.

Since you’re not open for outside traffic, your community streets will be more peaceful and less busy (as long as your neighbors are courteous and follow the rules). It will also make it harder for door-to-door salesmen to pound a path to your front door. However, the gate won’t stop neighbors from prying, so don’t assume you will have 100% privacy.

CON: Less Freedom

If your home is in a gated community, oftentimes there will be HOA rules that you must follow. This means if you want to do something different with your yard, paint your house a different color, or throw a huge and loud party, you may not be able to do everything you want.

Also, if you stop paying your HOA dues or incur the wrath of the HOA board, you could find yourself facing steep penalties and even have a lien on your house. Since you have to give up some control to live in a gated community, it is important to find one that has been properly managed and that has fair rules you can live with.

PRO: sense of community

gated community

In a world that is growing more and more disconnected, it can be nice to have a sense of living in a small community. Many gated communities have their own parks, walking paths, and outdoor activity spaces, and these can be great spots to meet your neighbors. Some gated communities have monthly tenant activities, helping create a sense of community.

Choosing your next home is a big decision, and whether or not to live in a gated community is just another factor you will have to consider. We hope these 5 pros and cons will help make the choice a little easier.

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