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Access Control Apps for Gates and Garages are growing in popularity

Imagine you are in a faraway land, sampling the expansive savannah’s natural beauty and the pristine sandy beaches of the desert paradise. And even as you soak yourself in the therapeutic sun and nod to the country music in the background, you remain calm knowing that your gated community or garage door is secure. Away from home, you can quickly check if the gate is closed using access control apps. How does it feel coming home after a long day’s work and finding your garage door already open? It must be fun and convenient, having the ability to control your gate with your phone.

Safety of Gated Communities
The number one priority for any American tenant is their security. For many Americans, gated communities are fast turning out to be among the safest places to live. These gated communities boast of high-end security features that are rarely found in non-gated estates. Further, in gated communities, the residents are subjected to restricted movement, and access points are controlled. Only tenants get to access the premises, which makes security breaches easier to detect and act upon.

The restrictions on gated community entry allow these communities to offer additional secured amenities for the community. For instance, many gate communities offer access to a gym or a swimming pool. These amenities encourage group activities among residents of the community, which in turn solidifies the social culture.

Better Way to Secure Gated Communities and Garage Doors?
The oldest method of security is “knowing your neighbor.” Modern methods for securing gated access points often involve smartphone apps. The apps for access control are designed so that you can operate a gate even if you are far away.
Let’s look at some of them.

iBlue Smart Gate device
This gate access device, designed by the iBlue designers, provides the gate owners with excellent security and elegant design.

But why is it a top choice for most tenants and homeowners?
The most striking feature about this device is that it is straightforward to integrate into most electronic gates. Further, apart from perfectly fitting in automatic and garage doors, this device can also manage access control systems in offices and homes.
It requires very little effort to install. You only need to follow the cabling instructions in the pack, and you are good to go.

How do you use your phone to connect to this gate access device?
Simple. This iBlue smart gate device uses the Bluetooth smart connection.

Have you seen a secure smart lock before? This app for access control enables you to monitor and control your gates using your phone from wherever you are.

How do you connect your phone to Remote?
• Bluetooth. An alternative when both Wi-Fi and internet aren’t available
• Wi-Fi. Suitable for short-distance connection
• Internet. Enables you to monitor your gates from any place in the world

When all of the residents of a gated community are sharing a common gate code, your community’s security is compromised.

Is there a better option?
One solution to eliminate shared passcodes is the Nimbio Smart Gate access control solution. It will transform your gate into a smart gate, allowing you to control it from anywhere in the world. You can open and close your community gate from wherever you end up in your travels.

It is a perfect way to improve security in a gated community and eliminate the proliferation of shared passcodes.

Why Nimbio?
• You don’t need an internet connection to operate your gates. Nimbio hardware comes with a cellular modem that guarantees a steady internet connection.
• Security is build into the hardware. Nimbio comes with Elliptic curve cryptography, which makes sure that connections are secure.
• Residents can conveniently share keys. Whether you are far away, you can communicate the key with your friends or family through texts or emails.

Many things are designed, few things are designed well. Access control technology is rapidy improving convenience and security for gated communities and garages.

Open your gate or building with your phone