Clickers are keyless entry systems that have been used for security purposes for decades because they are convenient and can easily fit into your pocket. Most cars and garage doors can be opened with a clicker or key fob. The problem, however, is that clickers can be dangerous when they fall into the hands of criminals. A recent story from Oakville, Ontario, clarified just how dangerous clickers can be.

A Not-So-Unusual Break-In

Many people leave their cars out overnight in “safe” neighborhoods where neighbors and pedestrians can be trusted. When people feel safe in their neighborhoods, it is common for them to leave their cars unlocked. However, a family in Oakville recently discovered that leaving a car unlocked can lead to home security problems that most people would never even think of.

The family left their unlocked car outside while they were away from home for the night. That evening, a criminal entered their vehicle in search of objects to steal. The criminal found nothing worth taking, but he did find a clicker. To his surprise, the clicker opened the home’s garage door when it was pressed.

The criminal then walked straight inside the home. Thankfully, the homeowner had the habit of keeping valuables out of sight, and the criminal was not a professional burglar. As a result, the criminal was able to get away with no more than a liquor bottle and an acoustic guitar. In all, police say the heist resulted in no more than $200 in losses for the homeowner.

Burglaries Are a Serious Threat

The reality is that the homeowner in Oakville got lucky because most burglars are not the fools the media portrays them as. Even with modern forensics technology, burglars are so smart that they get caught just 13 percent of the time when their crimes are reported to the police. Since just 28.6 percent of thefts are reported to the police, the reality is that criminals get away with burglaries almost every time.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to have over $10,000 worth of property stolen during a burglary, and cleaning up damage done by burglars, such as water damage, broken windows, and smashed glassware, can cost thousands of dollars more. When computers are stolen, you could lose all of your work and be at risk for identity theft. If a burglar succeeds at robbing a home, it is not uncommon for them to return to the same property again if no new security measures are implemented. Worst of all, some homeowners feel so traumatized after a burglary that they are never able to feel safe at home again.

Burglaries can also lead to problems that most homeowners would never imagine to be their responsibility after becoming the victim of a burglary. If you report a burglary to the police, the market price of your home can plummet when buyers fear a similar incident happening again. Insurance companies will often increase your rates after a burglary. In some cases, banks may deny approval for future mortgages or even repossess your property.

Police Sound the Alarm

Although the homeowner in Oakville experienced insignificant losses from the heist, police say the theft was no laughing matter. Oakville police point out that clickers are common sources of break-ins because they are commonly found in today’s automobiles. Many clickers are even fused to the ceiling or dashboard of vehicles.

If your car has a built-in clicker, it can be a ticking time bomb for a burglary. Even if you lock your car, a burglar only has to smash through a thin sheet of glass and press a button to gain access to everything you own.

Additionally, smart criminals have ways of leaving small devices behind that can pick up the signal from your clicker. The criminal can then return a few days later to collect the code for your clicker. Later, a key can easily be created with that code to unlock your home or car.

Alternatives to Clickers

Over time, it has become clear that clickers can do more harm than good because they make homeowners vulnerable to thefts and burglaries. As a result, homeowners now need to use more advanced technology to keep modern criminals at bay.

Nimbio is a new gate entry system that uses an app and a smart access control device to safely manage access. The gate entry system offered by Nimbio avoids all the problems associated with clickers by sending encrypted unlock commands to the gate over the internet. Therefore, only users who can login to a smartphone can interact with the gate entry system.

Since most people take their smartphones with them everywhere they go, Nimbio also offers enhanced levels of safety and convenience. Instead of hauling a clicker around, property owners can gain access by reaching for the smartphone in their pocket. Modern smartphones are usually impossible to crack into, so criminals cannot steal access codes even if a homeowner gets their phone stolen.

The bottom line is that the gate entry system offered by Nimbio can avoid the problems the unfortunate homeowner in Oakville had to go through. When Nimbio is installed at an access point, it can securely protect communities from modern threats. The gate entry system also makes it easy for communities to control access by providing both community managers and individual residents with an online system to add or remove access for guests with just a few taps. Therefore, communities can remain protected from burglaries while providing residents with one of the most convenient solutions on the market.

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