The proliferation of digital technologies is making online orders more common than ever before. When more deliveries pass through the gates of residential communities, significant security challenges naturally arise. Property managers must determine how to simplify deliveries on behalf of residents while keeping community members safe.

Thankfully, modern technology is simplifying community access and improving security. Communities that adopt these new access technologies at an early stage will be prepared to manage the logistical challenges associated with the robust growth of e-commerce platforms, Grubhub, Uber, and other apps. Read on to learn about how this new disruptive technology can help to modernize your community while providing a unique range of features that conventional gate access technologies cannot offer.

Existing Access Methods

Most gated communities use access keys or four-digit pin pads to provide access to residents. Residents can easily copy access keys at local hardware stores for only a couple of dollars, so most communities have had to phase out the use of physical keys. These keys can also be stolen, and changing the key used by a community can be extremely expensive.

In theory, four-digit pin pads seem to provide optimal security and convenience since pin codes can be changed at any time. However, actually changing the pin for a community is practically impossible. Whenever a pin is changed, property managers have to first alert every community member about the new code. Every community member usually has an average of over 10 people who they need to provide access to, such as family members, household staff, routine delivery drivers, and other individuals. Consequently, community managers get overwhelmed with requests for the new code.

The worst part about four-digit access codes is that delivery drivers almost always write these codes on top of the call box. Removing this writing is nearly impossible, so communities eventually have to accept that their access code is freely available to anyone who wants to come in. This issue introduces serious security challenges that are nearly impossible to resolve without hiring a full-time security guard.

Improving Gate Access With Modern Technology

Internet-connected smart devices are constantly getting more powerful and less expensive. Today, it is now feasible for community members to use smart devices that can delegate access control to residents while logging every access attempt. As a result, delivery drivers can dynamically receive access from a resident, and this access can be revoked as soon as the delivery is complete.

When modern technology is utilized, community managers can monitor everyone who enters their community. Therefore, community managers can easily blacklist unwanted individuals and monitor how residents are utilizing their access privileges. If a crime occurs, residents and community managers can review access logs to determine the likely perpetrator.

Smart access technologies give residents the privilege of being able to provide access to anyone. Therefore, members of a resident’s household and other close associates can easily obtain access once permission has been granted. Best of all, trusted apps can automatically provide access when deliveries are made to a gated community.

Integration With Delivery Apps

As time goes on, gate access apps will increasingly integrate with major app-based services, such as Grubhub, Uber, or Lyft. When apps can automatically obtain access, residents can avoid the hassle of having to take calls from delivery drivers who are locked out.

In many cases, residents are unable or unwilling to accept calls from drivers. Therefore, gate access apps can help to minimize missed deliveries.

Gate access apps also get communities ready for the near future. As technology continues to get more advanced, the need for automated entry will continue to grow. By taking advantage of smart communication channels that are available, communities can be prepared for the wide range of automated delivery solutions that will emerge in the years ahead.

Access Control Apps

Another huge advantage of smart access solutions is that residents can fully control their access from an easily downloadable app. Nearly everyone has a smartphone in today’s world, so most residents find the ability to use their phone as their access key to be a major convenience. Smartphone-based solutions help residents to avoid the necessity of safeguarding and carrying around a physical key. Instead, they can simply use an app on their phone as a convenient way of accessing their community.

Smartphones have GPS functionality that can accurately determine when residents are close to a community’s gate. Therefore, apps also offer enhanced convenience since residents can get into their community without having to take any manual actions. Of course, it is usually beneficial to require a manual confirmation from residents before opening a gate, but this action can be completed conveniently with a simple tap.

Apps can also provide more convenience to delivery drivers. For instance, if your community does not automatically give validated Grubhub drivers access, these drivers could still potentially enter a community if they have a standardized gate access app. Serious drivers will install most of these access apps, so residents can give access to an incoming driver without having to trust a third-party platform.

Smart Access Providers

There are many apps that gated communities can choose from when seeking to modernize access, but there is one provider that truly stands out. Nimbio is leading the path forward by nurturing partnerships with major app-based services. Therefore, when residents order a Lyft, their driver can automatically and securely enter a gated community without any hassle.

As time goes on, smart access apps will continue to provide a broader range of features. For instance, autonomous vehicles and drones are projected to transform delivery in the near future. If a community is already using a smart gate access app community members will be immediately able to take advantage of these new technologies in a secure and efficient manner.


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