Some people like to invest a huge amount of time in their gardens. Making sure the lawn is just right, the leaves are all swept up and that flowers can bloom freely. Others like it clean, but easy. Maybe a simple patio, or one large swathe of grass bisected by the garden path. There are so many ways you can upgrade your garden. A lot of people are deciding to upgrade their garden starting with smart gate technology, while others are looking to make other more subtle upgrades across their property. Here’s how a smartgate can help your garden glow, along with other tips you might consider implementing. 

A Smart Gate Can Keep Your Garden Secure

If you’ve got a wall or hedging around the rest of your property then a smart gate can fully secure your garden, the grounds and your property. This means certain critters might not be able to get in and ruin your garden. The same applies to kids messing around, potential criminals like thieves and anything else that might cause harm to your garden. Keeping the gate smart means entrance and exit is really simple and easy to manage too. You just use your cell phone or set it to open at certain times in the day. It’s also a great idea if you want some privacy. You just need an opaque gate to ensure no one can see into your garden when you’re working on it. 

Stop Trash Blowing Onto Your Property

It depends which direction your property faces, but if you’re facing the wind and you’re at the end of the street, you can sometimes fall victim to trash blowing towards your home and right up your drive, into your garden. If you’ve got something like a pong, or delicate plants and flowers this can be really frustrating. A gate, over the drive, can stop rubbish blowing up into your home. You have to get the right sort of gate. One which is solid so items of trash can’t blow between the railings. Then it’s a simple case of clearing the trash from outside the gate instead of having to walk around the garden carefully picking up trash.

Easy Lawn Mower Access

If you tend to the grass in front of your property, you might end up having to go back and forth through the gate multiple times on your mower. This is fine, but if you’ve got a gate which is old, or perhaps a manual one, you have to get off and open the gate every time. Sure, you could just leave it open but this doesn’t work if you’ve got a pet like a dog or want to ensure your home remains secure. A smart gate can do this. As you’re tending the garden, you just need a quick touch on your cell phone and you’ll be through. No more dismounting to haul the gates open. It makes garden maintenance a lot easier if you’re having to zip through the gates to tend the front element of your garden. Of course, this won’t apply to everyone as some homes have their front garden behind the gate anyway.

Utilize Foliage

Some people love a leafy garden. Especially if they’ve got a bunch of evergreens. As such, it’s easy to think a garden gate might just ruin the charm. Well, you can easily use foliage to track across the top beam and even the sides of the gate, helping it blend into whatever lays behind. It’s great for those who don’t like large metal constructs blocking what they’ve worked hours on. Even so, you can still use a smart gate with a buzzer entry system that matches up well with the rest of your garden simply by using foliage. You can either use real foliage, which will always look a lot better and fit in with your garden, or fake. Fake is useful because it requires a lot less maintenance, although if you live somewhere with a lot of sun the colour might fade over time.

Be Different By Design

A gate isn’t just a gate, it’s a style piece. So many gates have artistic value. If your garden is a little different, and you want to complement the design while also reaping the benefits of the above points, you can ensure you install a funky gate. The best thing is that in this day and age, you can make almost any gate a smart gate. So long as your gate isn’t a complete eyesore you can be different by design and complement your overall garden aesthetic. There are so many materials in use you can choose from. Multiple kinds of wood and metal which can be molded into the design of your choice. 

Keep Things Symmetrical

A gate promotes great symmetry. Symmetry is important in terms of garden design. There are different kinds of symmetry in gardening, but a smart gate can promote that symmetry in a dazzling way. If you’ve got a gate which opens at the middle, known as swing gates, that are strategically placed and open out into the middle of a front garden which is also symmetrical, the effect is brilliant because you’ve got symmetry opening up onto more symmetry. You don’t have to ruin the facade with a smart gate either because they’ll open at will without you having to get out of the car to drag them open. 

Check With The HOA

It’s always worth checking in with the HOA if you’re going to build a larger front facing smart gate that might change the way your home looks. It’s pretty easy to stumble upon horror stories about homeowners associations. Some can be pretty strict, while others are more relaxed. However, a smart gate can be used well and can help make the area look better, not worse. You can even speak to them about gating off the community itself with a gate entry system instead of just your home. It depends where you live, whether or not you’re in a HOA and on what kind of gate you’re looking at using.

A smart gate is a great addition to a garden if the installation is completed to a high standard. Not only will you have a great bit of proptech that fits in perfectly, you’ll also be upgrading the security and access control of your property. Our gates are super convenient as you can control them all from your smartphone, just check out our testimonials for an example. 

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