Perhaps you’re moving to a new State and you’re searching for the perfect gated community to move into for you and your family. Maybe you’re not moving far at all and instead, you’ve decided to find a local gated community. Whatever the case, you’ll likely have to consider whether you want to move into a new development, or an established gated community. Each comes with its own pros and cons. We’ve laid them out below to better help you make your decision.

New Gated Community Development

New developments are springing up all of the time. Gated communities are increasingly popular with more being built every year. New developments boast heightened security for the occupants as well as ease of access. Finding a new gated community development is pretty easy…just search the term along with where it is you’re looking. Chances are there’s a development not too far away. Alternately, reach out to your local realtors to see if anything has hung under the radar. 

Here are the pros of a new development gated community.

Pros to a New Gated Community Development

There are some key advantages to buying a home in a new development gated community.

No Need To Upgrade The Electric Gate

When you’re moving into a new gated community, the likelihood is that the developers will install a state of the art cellular access system that will make gaining entry to the community extremely easy for those who have access. You just open it with your phone…no more lost keys or misplaced pin entry codes. You won’t have to upgrade your electric gate or cellular access system for a long time. Also, if anything goes wrong in the short term you can reach out to the developers for a fix.

Potential To Have Input On Your Home

New Build homes can be quite modular. If you register interest in the gated community soon enough you might be able to have input on the layout of your home. You can also have input on materials used and the decor. You might even be able to have them install a cellular gate access system on your home, giving you double security. Having input on your home isn’t always possible, so try to speak to the developers as soon as you can.

Cons to a New Gated Community Development

With pros come cons, and there are some to a new gated community.

No Sense Of Community

There isn’t a great sense of community. Sure, one will build up over time, but there won’t be much of one when you first move in. You’ll have to work at it, but it won’t be that hard. Afterall, you’re all trapped behind the same cellular smart gate so you’ll have at least one thing in common.

Build Quality

It’s unfair to say that all new developments don’t have a good build quality. However, in some states new homes aren’t built to the same standards as older ones. Sure, they might be more energy efficient and better insulated, but keep an eye on the build quality. Check out the developer and look at their history and you’ll be able to get a feel for what kind of home to expect. 

Established Gated Community Development

The communities that have been around for a longer time give you more to look at before you decide to move there or not.

Pros to an Established Gated Community

The key pros to an established gated community are:

A Reputation to Assess

With an established community comes a reputation. When you move into a new build community you don’t know who your neighbors are going to be. With an established community, you can assess the neighborhood. Is it looking clean and tidy? Do they maintain their electric access gate? What do other people say about the community in question? You get to find out what your neighbors are like before you actually move in.

HOA Is Already Up And Running

Homeowners associations can be a pain, but they have their uses. In an existing community these will already be up and running, giving you a clear set of rules to follow. In a new community, it can take a while to set a HOA up as people might disagree on the rules.

It’s on the Delivery Network

Newbuilds can take a while to show up on the delivery network. It means couriers, food deliveries and everything in between can get lost. With an established gated community they’ll know where you’re located. Also, they’ll most likely know how to work the electric gate. 

Cons to an Established Gated Community

Key cons to an established gated community might vary depending on the community itself, however they are usually:

A Dated Electric Gate Access System

Dated electric access gates usually use a four digit pin system. It’s dated, and annoying. Most new gated communities use a cellular access system. Pin codes can be shared pretty wide, meaning you don’t know who has access. Whereas with a cellular access system you know exactly who has access at any given time. The gate itself may need replacing as well as the access system. 

Not Built With Heavy Traffic

These days, each household in America has 1.88 cars. It means roads can get jammed up quickly, especially if they’re using an old gate access system. Old gated communities weren’t built for so many cars. The roads might be too small, with not enough space on the street for parking. It can be quite frustrating, especially if you live in a household with multiple cars. 

Whether you decide to move into an established gated community or any new one, making sure access control is up to scratch is eminently important. After all, that’s why you’ve decided to move to a gated community in the first place. Cellular access control is the modern solution most gated communities would benefit from. 

To find out more about our cellular access system, check out our blog. Our FAQs page can help answer questions you may have about Nimbio, but at the same time if there’s anything unanswered feel free to get in touch. 

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