Las Vegas gated communities are a hot commodity in the bustling city. Many people love the thought of a gated community for many reasons, but there’s more to these communities than just the exterior appeal. We’ve got the pros and cons of living behind the gates.

Pros and Cons of Gated Communities in Las Vegas


Added Security

Most people are attracted to gated communities because they give people a sense of security. People feel living behind gates keeps unwanted guests out of their neighborhood. Criminal activity is usually lower in these neighborhoods. Most people love that there is less traffic behind the gates, so their family can run and play more without worry. One thing many people love about this added sense of privacy is that there aren’t as many solicitors going door-to-door selling them something. Depending on which community you live in, it’s almost impossible to get through the gates. Some communities are much more relaxed than others. While some have guards where each car must stop before proceeding, others just have a code to get in.

Much Less Traffic

As we mentioned above, there should be less traffic in a gated community. It’s usually harder for outside traffic to get into this community. Whether there is a guard or keypad, the restricted access keeps random traffic from coming through the gates. Neighbors and their guests are usually the only drivers on the roads. This means kids get to play outside more and you get to enjoy the peace and quiet of the roads.

High Standard Of Home Quality

Most people living in a gated community don’t worry about their neighbor painting their house bright pink. The standard of home quality is high because they have strict building codes for the uniform design. Most homeowners keep a high pride of ownership. Or course, not all neighbors are the same, so you might have some that don’t mind an unkept yard, or the HOA fines that go along with it. Overall, most homeowners are held to a higher standard, so they take great care of their home.

Higher Property Values

One great thing about living in a gated community is you usually have higher property values. The HOA dues are higher, but this is a pro because this gives a higher value to the property as a whole. The entire look of the community is usually visually appealing. It takes more money to maintain a gated neighborhood, so the look and feel benefits those that live in the neighborhood. These homes usually sell faster since they have a higher property value as well.

Social Benefits

Gated communities often have numerous amenities for the entire community. They often have a clubhouse, a pool, some have a golf course, and/or other special events. These promote group activities so everyone in the community can get to know one another. Since there’s less traffic, more children ride their bikes through the streets and get out to play with one another. Each neighborhood will have its own group that puts together events for the community.


Waiting To Get In

Some people don’t even think about the long line to get into their own home. At times there is a line at the guardhouse as they check people in. If you’re new to the community and don’t have credentials yet, it’s even longer as they have to do all of the research to ensure you’re the actual homeowner. If you have guests or repair people coming into your neighborhood, they will have a tough time waiting as they are checked in as well. Remember you will need to add any guests to most neighborhood lists. Sometimes there are even visiting hours applied to workers and contractors. Waiting is just a part of living in a gated community. Sometimes it’s easy to get in, other times you have to wait in a line to get into your own neighborhood.

HOA Fees

If you’re living in a community behind gates, expect your homeowners association fees to be relatively high. If you have a guard, you’ll be paying more since there are three different shifts for them. Your fees also pay for the landscaping, roads, community amenities, and overall maintenance in most communities. You should expect to add a few hundred dollars to your bill each month. HOAs can be both good and bad. One one hand, they keep the neighborhood looking top notch. On the other hand, they’re often expensive and annoying. Get ready to get fined for every little thing around your home that isn’t following the rules perfectly.

Gates Cannot Stop Crime

If a criminal wants into your neighborhood, they will find a way in. The gates and even the guards are a deterrent. They are not a total solution to crime. There can still be crime behind the gates. It’s important to remain vigilant and alert even when you gates.

Lack Of Growth

There are usually lots of architectectural guidelines put forth by the HOA in these communities. This means once the community is filled, all of the homes look about the same. You cannot really do much to grow and expand. The appearance is appealing to some, while others want more character for their neighborhood and home. Once the homes reach the boundaries of the gates, you’re done expanding. This makes the neighborhood more inclusive. This is a pro for some, but for others, they want a larger, more diverse community.

Expensive Homes

The home prices in a gated community are usually much higher than those without gates. Buyers usually pay a premium for these homes due to the security and extra measures needed to keep the community going. On top of your HOA fees each month, plan on having a hefty mortgage payment. You’re paying extra for guards in some communities, the private security and extra upkeep.

Limited opportunities for financial return

The rules and regulations in these communities often lead to limited opportunity for financial return. There are many rules regarding paint color, yards, tenants, gatherings, and even fences. This means if you want to use one of these homes for rental income, you may not even be able to do so. You cannot add special parts to most of these homes. This means you might not get the financial return you want when you intend to sell the home.

Many of the Las Vegas gated communities are on golf courses or overlooking beautiful scenery. Neighborhoods like Canyon Gate, Spanish Trails, Anthem Country Club, and Rhodes Ranch are just a few of these communities that sit behind closed gates. There are even condominiums in Vistand and the Les Vegas Country Club neighborhood. The pros and cons of these neighborhoods should help you decide if a home here is right for you.

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