Ensuring access control is viable for non profit organizations has become more important over the last few years. In the USA there are 1.5 million non profit organizations in existence and the amount is going up year on year. These include churches, charities, civic leagues, private and public organizations to name but a few. It’s become important to ensure these places are secure and safe, as well as vital to ensure access is secured for existing members. There are a few different ways you can secure non profit organizations, but we think Nimbio is a great long-term option.

Why Access Control For Non-Profit Organizations Is Important

Take a church or religious institution for example. Large bodies of individuals might meet once a week, usually on a Sunday. In this case, you might want to ensure the church car park is used by those of the congregation, not wider individuals. Using an electric smart gate in this regard is a brilliant way to keep the space free and to also ensure people’s cars are protected.

Using Nimbio can help. Sticking with the church example, you’d simply grant and revoke access to members of the congregation as needed. Someone leaves? Revoke access on the app, and they won’t be able to gain access to the shared space anymore. New joiner? Ask them to download the Nimbio app and you can grant them access. It’s a pretty simple system, but it’s a system that allows constant monitoring of those who have access to the shared areas.

Non-Profit Security Measures

There are multiple measures you can put in place. A cellular gate entry system is obviously a great measure to secure the perimeter. However, with Nimbio you can make any electric gate a smart gate. It might be that you run a shelter for the homeless or a temporary home for those without anywhere to stay. Nimbio can ensure that only the right people can access the right places. Think about communal areas like shower rooms. By using a smart gate app you can control who has access so you know that nobody outside of the residents are using the communal areas.There are other security controls you can implement too:

These all work incredibly well with a cellular access system. Adding layers to your security means it’s way harder for any kind of criminality to occur. With an electric smart gate, these other security concerns may not even be needed because if you can stop unwanted persons at the perimeter, they won’t even get to see the other measures you’ve got.

Nimbio Provides Safety For Students 

Student safety is important. Especially for women. If you run a non for profit student accommodation building then being able to see who has access to their room or apartment is a great way to instill confidence in you as a provider. If you hand out keys, realistically, the residents don’t know who else has a key. The same problem occurs with four digit pin control. However, if you use Nimbio cellular smart systems for your electric doors and gates the resident can see who has access at any given time. Being able to open and close the door with a touch of a button provided ultimate ease of access for students. Plus, they’re far more likely to lose a key than they are to lose a precious smartphone, meaning less hassle as you won’t need to change the locks or get new keys cut. 

Non-Profit Staff Access Redefined

Certain non-for profit organizations employ a large amount of staff. Think about charities or food kitchens. There are a lot of good people who make that work. Not just the staff who are directly employed but visitors and volunteers too, not to mention the tradespersons who come and go. Having to manually let people in or keep track of who accessed certain areas can be hard. By using smart access technology on electric doors you can easily grant and revoke access. It’s an element of property technology that’s becoming quite popular across the private business landscape. You can not only grant and revoke access via the app, but also ensure the right people have access to the right areas. For example, healthcare workers might have access to areas that chefs or cleaners won’t. With a click of a button, you can control who goes where.

Busy Times At The Gate? Schedule A Hold Open

Gates can get busy and if each and every person is waiting to press open queues can easily form. It’s why Nimbio uses an innovative hold open system that allows you to hold the electric gate or door open for a certain amount of time for ease of access. Again, let’s use the church for an example. On a Sunday morning a lot of people are going to be using the car park. Instead of annoying everyone and making them queue you can schedule a hold open for an hour when they arrive and when they leave. Using a hold open smartly can ensure security remains tight while members of your organization get to benefit from ease of access

However, smart hold open should be used carefully. For example, if you and your organization are taking a break one day and you forget to remove the hold open you’ll be creating a security risk. Make sure you take the time to deactivate it when you don’t need it. Again, it’s done simply by using the app. 

Nimbios Further Uses

Nimbio is great for non-for-profit organizations but it also works for gated communities, apartment access control, RV storage facilities, and businesses.

You can find other articles regarding smart gate tech and access control on our blog while our FAQs page answers the most common questions we’ve had from clients over the last few years. The features page lets you know exactly what you can expect. If there’s anything else you’d like to know please reach out to us and we’ll answer any of your questions or help talk you through our product in more detail.

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