Apartments come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From the exclusive skyscrapers complete with valet and doorman to the smaller scale apartments with only a small amount of occupants. They all have one thing in common: the need for safe and easy to use access control. Usually, these buildings will use a buzzer entry system on the front door to the communal area, but there are modern ways to both increase the security of your apartment building while making it easier to access. 

Cellular Access Is The Way Forward

Imagine being able to walk up to your apartment and gain access with the press of a button on your smartphone? Nimbio allows you and other residents ease of access to any electric door in your apartment. This can be the main door, internal doors to communal areas, or an electric gate outside to control car access. 

Building managers can grant and revoke access to new residents or those who leave using the same app based system so there’s nothing to worry about in terms of access control being compromised. 

The same system is used to grant tradespeople access, such as gardeners, cleaners, and window cleaners. No more having to buzz people in or worse, let them in manually. 

With the cellular access technology that Nimbio provides, you can make any electric gate a cellular smart gate while still retaining existing access control measures.

Cellular Security: An Upgrade 

So many apartments across the USA still use key codes to gain entrance to communal areas. They’re usually 4 digit key codes that aren’t changed often. People share key codes. Usually, they’re shared to friends and family, but sometimes these codes are passed around a little too much and they end up in the hands of a criminal or someone who bears the occupants ill will. With an app based cellular security system, you can see who has access to the building at anytime, so you’ll always have a handle on access control. 

The beauty of app access control is that you can actually segregate access levels. For example, you might all pay for someone to take care of the green areas around your apartment. You can grant them access through the main external apartment gate, but restrict access to the main door to the building itself because they don’t need access, whereas a cleaner would have access to both areas. 

You can ensure the right person has the right level of access, all of the time. 

Apartment Gate Opener: Vehicle Security

In larger apartments there will be more vehicles to store. Vehicles are a natural target for thieves and criminals. Securing them behind a gate can work wonders, but it adds another level of access control for the inhabitants that can of course cost you time. An external electric gate for vehicles can be frustrating. Number Plate readers won’t work, and lining up the car to punch in a code can be a nightmare. It’s why cellular access offers ease of usage and keeps the vehicle secure. When combined with building cellular access, external gate access becomes easy. You add layers to your security by using cellular access at multiple points and if you’re looking for an easy apartment gate opener that stacks up against security concerns, Nimbio can help you out. 

Apartment Disability Access: Cellular Makes It Easier

Disability access is essential in this day and age. In larger apartments, it’s highly likely there are disabled residents present. 

Those with mobility issues may find your current apartment access control measures utterly frustrating. Consider where your pin entry points are (if you use pin entry for communal areas), they’re probably quite high, making it hard for those in a wheelchair or with mobility issues to access. If they only had to press a button on their smartphone to gain entrance to external and internal gates, their life may be a lot easier. 

Apartment access control is vital but it has to be usable by all demographics in the community. When you upgrade your access control system, choose something that everyone gets used to and uses comfortably. With this in mind, the best apartment gate opener is usually a cellular based system. Everyone has a smartphone in this day and age and with security and ease of use in mind, cellular access is a no brainer. 

Apartment Gate Opener Upgrade: Consensus

Perhaps you and the other occupants are looking into upgrading your access controls. How do you go about agreeing on something so important? 

You’ll need to:

It might be easier to do this in certain situations rather than others. If you live in a smaller complex for example, it’s then easier to canvass opinion than if you live in a huge apartment.  It’s also easier if the apartment is a new build and the construction team hasn’t yet installed the security measures. Ask them to install a cellular smart system instead. 

Some people might be a little apprehensive about upgrading to a cellular smart apartment gate opener, especially if they’re used to using pin codes or other entry methods. It’s fine, because upgrading to cellular access doesn’t mean the other access measures have to go. You can use all, ensuring ease of access using cellular, while keeping certain residents happy who don’t necessarily want to upgrade. 

You can check out our blog for hints and tips regarding electric gate entry systems and cellular control. Our features page outlines exactly what you can expect from Nimbio, while our testimonials show how useful it’s been post installation. Naturally, please reach out if you have any questions that aren’t covered in the FAQs page or if you want to talk further about installation

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