Modern technology is fundamentally improving how people live their daily lives. Many tasks that have conventionally been prohibitively expensive due to the high cost of manual processes can now be done at a fraction of the cost with the help of automation. Additionally, inexpensive high-speed internet and easy access to cloud solutions make it possible for people to use equipment and tools in novel ways.

Gate entry systems are one of the areas that will be substantially improved with the help of modern technology. Smart gate entry systems can be opened automatically from the smartphones of authorized guests, and gate security can be improved in new ways with the help of cloud computing and the effective use of data. Read on to learn how smart gate entry systems will make gated properties much more common in the years ahead by bringing down costs while offering greater benefits.

Problems With an Existing Gate Entry System

In the U.S., gate entry systems are not nearly as common as they are in other parts of the world. High labor costs are the most significant factor driving low adoption of property gates. For a gate entry system to be secure, it normally has to be staffed 24 hours a day on every day of the year. Since the average gate operator makes an average of over $43,000 per year, the cost of fully staffing a legacy gate entry system usually exceeds $100,000 per year. High labor costs, therefore, make truly secure gate access systems out of reach for nearly all consumers looking to protect their properties.

In an attempt to reduce costs, many property owners turn to 4-digit pin pads that make access possible without the need for a human operator. The problem with these systems, however, is that getting past them is simple for any motivated criminal. Many key boxes have the code scribbled on them by guests and delivery drivers. Also, motivated criminals can use social engineering and surveillance techniques to obtain the code with relative ease.

When physical keys or pin codes are used, property owners and their guests have to go through the inconvenience of manually opening their gate upon arrival. In many cases, people have to exit their vehicles to open a legacy gate. Although this inconvenience only takes up a couple of minutes, the burden of having to open an ordinary gate is usually viewed as an unacceptable nuisance by the vast majority of property owners who do not perceive any specific security risks.

Finally, the logistics of enabling guests to get past a legacy gate introduce enormous challenges. If physical keys are used, property owners have to be present at the property when guests arrive. This issue introduces serious challenges for property owners who have maintenance staff or delivery drivers who need to go down their driveway. If copies of the key are handed out, they can easily be copied by criminals.

The bottom line is that the problems that an ordinary gate system introduces usually greatly exceed the benefits that gated access can provide. Instead, most American property owners rely on home security services, such as ADT, that mainly attempt to deter crime by making a property seem more secure than neighboring properties. In reality, criminals know that police rarely prioritize responding to alerts from automated security systems, and these systems do nothing to physically stop an intruder from getting into a property unless security upgrades that cost tens of thousands of dollars are used. In contrast, gates send criminals a strong message that a property is tightly secured.

Reduced Costs and Improved Effectiveness

In the years ahead, high-tech solutions will drastically improve the effectiveness of smart gate entry systems while also bringing down costs. Property owners will be able to receive more effective security than even staffed gates can provide. Cameras and sensors can be used to reliably detect the presence of an authorized guest, and this information can then be used to automatically open a gate in a way that eliminates inconveniences. Since these control systems can be managed with cloud-based services, they are extremely inexpensive relative to conventional access solutions. When costs are decreased and effectiveness is improved, gates will become much more common in private residences.

Ability to Gather and Utilize Data

Gate entry systems can reliably log when visitors enter and exit a property. Therefore, smart systems can be developed to automatically revoke the access of guests who demonstrate unusual patterns of access indicating that unauthorized activities are taking place. Data can also help to automatically suspend the access of dormant users. When access logs are combined with other data from cameras and sensors, property owners can easily monitor their residences for unusual activity. Access attempts by unauthorized guests can also be effectively monitored, and law enforcement can be automatically notified.

Secure Automated Access for Guests and Service Providers

More property owners will also choose to use smart gates in the years ahead because they eliminate the logistical hurdles associated with managing property access. Gate entry systems that are emerging give one-time access to delivery drivers from major apps and platforms, such as Lyft, Uber, Amazon, or Grubhub. Special access permissions can also be set for scheduled maintenance providers, household staff, and ordinary guests. As a result, secure guest access can be provided without the need for compromising security by handing out keys and access codes.

New Gate Entry Solutions

In the area of high-tech gate entry systems, Nimbio is the leading provider. The solution provided by Nimbio enables property owners to open and close their gates using an app on their smartphones. Guests can be given access remotely with only a few taps, and access can optionally be securely monitored using a cloud-based camera system. Nimbio is also developing partnerships with delivery services and law enforcement agencies to improve security and convenience for its clients. As Nimbio’s solution continues to be improved, property owners will increasingly find using gate access solutions to be convenient and affordable.

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