In any usual setting, children and machinery don’t mix too well. Heavy, metal moving parts and young humans don’t go well together, so it’s no surprise that one of the biggest questions for families looking to purchase a smart gate is whether they’re safe around children. The simple answer is that generally, yes, they are safe. But there’s a fair chunk to unpack if you were really looking to purchase a smart gate and are genuinely worried about your children’s safety around it.

Cellular Gates Open On Command

By opening on command, and not opening automatically (for example, with a number plate reader or buzz entry system) you can dictate exactly when the gate opens. A cellular access system means you get to survey the area just beyond the gate and make sure it’s safe to open. All you do is press the button and the gate will open. Whereas if you pulled up with your number plate recognition entry system, the gate would open automatically and if your children are on the other side, there could be an accident. It’s why cellular smart gate systems are so much better for safety and for a home with a family. The only issue would be if you had a solid gate, which you can’t see through to the other side. In these cases, it’s worth getting CCTV installed so you can check beforehand, but most people use railings so it’s easier to see.

Watch Out For The Timer

You can use a scheduled open on most smart gates in this day and age. It means leaving for work, and coming home is made easy because you can just schedule the gates to open at a certain time, between one time and the other, so you can just drive through the gates without having to access your cell. It’s a great bit of technology, but you have to be careful if you have children. Especially during the summer when they might be playing outside. If the gates open automatically, and you’re not at the gates to watch them (maybe you’ve hit traffic or are running over time at work) they can wander through them and maybe end up on a busy road. If you’ve got children who play outside it’s well worth being careful with your timer or schedule open. 

Keep Your Cell Phone Secure

If your cell phone can control the opening and closure of the gate, then you need to make sure it’s kept safe. A lot of parents let their children use their phones to play games, take pictures etc. If you’ve got a cellular smart app, then they might be able to access it and open the gate. This might not harm them, but if they’re outside they could dash off the property. Also, if you’re away from the home, they could open the gates leaving your property vulnerable, or, if you have pets, give them a way to run out onto the road. You can keep the app itself secure, or keep the phone away from children. Just be careful or show them how the app works and what not to do or press. You should also practice good cell phone security anyway, because if you don’t and you lose your phone someone might be able to access your home. These smartphone protection tips can help you get into the right frame of mind. 

Educate Them Around Electric Gate Safety

If your children are old enough, it’s worth talking to them about the gate so they know what they should and shouldn’t do. For starters, tell them not to stand near it or around it when a car is trying to gain access to the property because it’s dangerous. Tell them not to climb or pull on the gate because it could damage the mechanism. If you live somewhere hot where they’ll be outside often, it’s probably worth speaking to their friends about this too as well as those who live close and are often calling on your children. 

Teach Them How To Use The Gate

Safety isn’t just for the kids, it’s for teens too. When your children start driving you’ll probably want to give them access with a shared key. It means they’ll be able to open and close the gate when they’re arriving too. Teach them how to use the gate and the smart app properly. You don’t want them driving too fast and expecting the gate to open faster than it actually does and hitting it, thus damaging the smart gate mechanism. You need to teach them how to use the hold open feature too. If they know how to use the gate, you can be sure of their safety while driving up to it. Don’t just assume they know. 

Community Gate Safety

Community gate safety is even more important, because the amount of visitors and guests will be way higher, especially if the community is a big one. Usually, community gates can be bypassed by pedestrians who are walking on either side, but some are totally shut in the advent of security meaning walkers have to operate it too. For younger children, they may need to learn to operate it sooner rather than later. If you’re in charge of the community gate, consider running a safety workshop for those in the community. You can tell and teach the drivers how to use the system appropriately while showing the children how to stay safe in the proximity of the gate. You can follow this up with a short form newsletter with the key takeaways on the slip. If you’re not in charge, suggest this to the person who is. Mistakes can be expensive in terms of repairs so it’s better if everyone in the community properly knows how to use the system so they can all remain safe. 

Automated gate systems, such as a cellular smart gate, are in the main pretty safe. Sometimes you’ll have to take additional measures to ensure you and your family are on the same page in terms of the gate operation, but for the most part, it’s as simple as pressing a button. A cellular smart gate, such as the one we offer, is dynamic as it will only open when you’ve used the app, or when you’ve set it to open at a certain time. We have way more tips on our blog, or you can contact us to talk about a potential installation.

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