If you’re in the construction game, you’ll know that building an apartment complex is one of the more lucrative investments due to the multiple properties you’re able to sell. Essentially, it’s about getting the most back on your investment, and to do this, you have to have a lot to offer. Security is paramount in regards to an apartment complex. People need to feel secure, but also have the ability to come and go as they please with ease. Here are some access control pointers which should see your ability to not only please prospective buyers, but also increase the value of the property. 

What Is Access Control?

The term differs depending on what context you use it. In this case it refers to the control over who gets to access a certain area or property. For example, if you install a cellular smart gate, you’re controlling the access to the area around the apartment complex, while a more traditional lock on a front door is controlling access to the apartment itself. Access control is a fundamental part of home security, especially with apartments as usually there are a lot of people sharing the same parking and communal areas.

Consider An Electric Gate For Access Control

The electric gate is often associated with premium properties, but in reality, more and more homes and communities are getting electric gates installed all of the time. They offer privacy, security and lend the property a premium feel. They also protect parking areas – good if you’re building an apartment complex in a city center or somewhere where parking can be tricky.  Building an electric gate as a method of access control ensures that others can’t use the apartment grounds as a means to a shortcut and is a brilliant way of deterring crime. The trick here is ensuring the gate isn’t something that causes an issue. For example, using a number plate recognition system might cause problems in low light areas. It should be seamless, easy, and something which integrates well with modern technology.

Don’t Forget IoT (internet of things)

The Internet of things is becoming more and more ingrained into everyday life. You can pretty much get smart versions of everything, from fridges, to cars, and even doors. For example, sticking with the electric gate above, you can utilize a smart app which can allow people in and out of the gate with complete ease. A cellular gate entry system is an easy win as residents can control who gets access and eliminates the need for annoying fobs or swipe cards which are easily lost and can become malfunctional. The internet of things can be used in applications other than smart gate control too such as:

People are expecting IoT integration in newly built homes, including apartments. If you can integrate smart technology into a gate entrance system, along with other elements of the build, you’ll be recognized as a forward thinking builder and appeal to those coveting new technology in their home. At the same time, the homes value will naturally be increased.

Can Two Electric Gates Be Better Than One

If you’re building a larger amount of apartments, or are building where the entrance and exit open up onto a main, busy road, you’d be better off building one electric gate for the entrance, and one for the exit. It’ll be a little more expensive, but at the same time you’ll be able to control traffic flow and keep potential buyers happy. 

The trick here is ensuring that every parking spot has access to either gate. People coming into the apartment need to be able to easily find their parking spot, and people leaving need a clear run to the exit gate. It’s an aspect of traffic management which will change from one project to the next depending on the type of apartment you’re building, but it’s certainly worth consideration. The planning permission will need to be laid out carefully too as whichever way you look at it, you’ll be adding traffic to the immediate area with vehicles pulling in and out of the gates. Sometimes two gates are better in terms of larger apartment complexes, but if you’re only building a three or four unit apartment building, one gate should suffice, unless there are special circumstances. 

What About Communal Area Access Control

The standard on most apartment complexes is that to gain access to the communal area, someone in a main apartment has to buzz them in or approve their arrival. This lends a level of security which residents have come to expect and appreciate. If you layer this behind an electric gate entry system people will feel even more secure. The communal area differs depending on your build. It can be a small corridor with an elevator leading off of it, or it can be an entrance lounge with seating and a receptionist. Just be sure to apply access control measures to all communal areas, just as you would to the main grounds and each individual apartment. Communal area access control usually comprises a different key to the one used to enter the apartment itself, or passcode to enter the building which will generally be shared with cleaners, tradespersons and sometimes, if the post area is on the inside, delivery firms.

Why Does It Improve Return?

Simply because it offers a more attractive proposition to buyers. If the apartment is safe behind a quality cellular gate entry system along with top of the line general security for the communal area and the apartments themselves, buyers will feel far more secure. Access control also offers a level of privacy which is important in apartments. Installing proper access control will increase the overall value of each apartment complex, so not only will you be making the property more appealing to buyers and raising the chance of a sale, but also ensuring you’ll get a higher return and be seen to be doing the right thing security wise.

If you want to talk about cellular gate access control or want to know more about gate installation feel free to contact us. If you have other questions check out our blog or read the FAQ.

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