Smart gates and gated entry has become more popular over the last few years for gated communities as well as individual residences. However, they also offer multiple functions for businesses. A smart gate can pair with a business quite well. As technology advances, so does ease of use, making smart gates less annoying and time consuming than they used to be. It also means they can be more affordable. They can also be useful regarding security. If you’ve got good access control gates, you might sleep better at night knowing your business is secure. Every business is different, but considering these reasons to own a smart gate can help you work out whether one might benefit you and your business.


The physical security market in the USA was worth 110.3 billion in 2020 and is only expected to go up according to grandview research. So, buying decent gates is more of a future forward investment which could add value to your overall premises which might not be too important now, but if you ever decide to sell the business you’ll see the cost come back.

If you utilize a smart gate as part of a perimeter fence, you’re essentially stopping anyone easily wandering onto your property. It’s a good bet if you keep expensive stock or merchandise on sight overnight. The use of a security gate also means you won’t be hindered entering or leaving because the gates will open automatically by simple command. Of course, the gate won’t stop a dedicated break in, but it acts as a good deterrent. It also stops people entering your property by accident or those looking to take shortcuts. If security is important in your line of business, and you want to protect your assets, staff, and of course yourself, a cellular smart gate can help give you that peace of mind. Common security gates access control measures include:

There are other methods too but those are the most used for business access. If security is a concern for you and your business then a smart gate is a solid step towards great security.

Business Smart Gate

High Insurance Costs

Depending what you do, and what you store at your business, having an adequate gate entry system can affect your business insurance premiums. For example, if you run a car showroom and can close off access using a smart gate overnight, it’ll be less likely someone will try to steal a car as they won’t be able to go anywhere, meaning insurance will be a little less. The same applies if you own a storage facility where people have stored expensive items or any business that has a lot of value tied up in their physical stock. In this case, a smart gate is a long term investment as it’ll save you money. By going smart, you make sure that the gate does what it’s supposed to do, without causing any annoyance to you and your staff and customers too.

Traffic Control

Sometimes, traffic control is important to a business. If your business uses a larger parking lot used by your staff, it’s important to remain organized. An electric smart gate can do this for you. For a start, it stops people who don’t work for you parking at your site. This is especially the problem if your office or business is near the city center or a local attraction. It’s extremely frustrating for staff who can’t park. Ensuring the spaces are only used by those who should use them is important. You can do this by giving cellular access to the gate to those who work for you, giving employees the ability to open the gate with their phone. It’ll also give your staff peace of mind to know their cars are safe while they work from other traffic bumping into them or causing damage. A sure way to give productivity a small bump. 

Client Perception

In some lines of business, the way clients and customers view you is incredibly important. Exclusivity is real and can be used as a marketing ploy. If you’ve got a smart gate, you instantly appear more important, and the customer perception of you will increase. You’ll be seen as someone who values the safety of their employees and customers and give off that all important premium feel. This doesn’t apply to all businesses, but if your business is in a service-based industry geared towards high spending customers of a B2B nature, or of those with a high net worth, an electric gate on your business property can certainly increase client perception, along with the other advantages listed. 

Business Privacy

Some businesses like privacy. They also like privacy for those clients who frequent the store. A smart gate can provide privacy in a way which isn’t overly onerous to those using it. The gate will open automatically without the need to leave the car. If you’ve got a surrounding fence, and the get is made of solid material instead of railings, people walking by won’t be able to see those who are visiting. It’s also useful if you’re keeping a lot of high-cost inventory outside. An example would be a garden center with multiple statues, carvings etc. An electric gate would keep eyes off the pricy goods while providing a clear and easy mode of delivery when needed. 

There are many reasons why a business owner would want to invest in smart gate technology. If you plan to do this and want to use a cutting edge cellular gate entry system, we’d be happy to show you how Nimbio works. If you’re not sure about whether a smart gate is right for you, we have a whole blog on the subject, along with a FAQ page. There’s also a testimonials page where you can see what others have thought about a cellular smart gate system after the process has been completed. 


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