PropTech stands for property technology. The term has gained traction over recent years in line with the internet of things becoming more popular, and the ever growing need to twin technological advances with the home. Businesses and inventors are always seeking to make people’s lives easier with innovation and technology. As a lot of time is spent in the home, especially recently due to the coronavirus pandemic, this is where inventors see a lot of scope for change and improvement…hence PropTech. Here are some top ways we think PropTech can improve and upgrade your life. 

Install A Smart Gate

A smart gate, or smart buzzer entry system is an innovative way to gate your property without causing much hassle to your or your family. You can use it to gate a business, a whole community, or just your home alone. A smart gate, especially of the cellular variety, has a lot more going for it than a normal manual gate. It is also more intuitive and usable than other electric gate entry system methods.

A cellular smart gate uses your cell phone. There’s no getting out of the car, just an easy tap and you’re in. You can even use your phone to set opening times for the gate, so that it knows when to open and close on a timer. This PropTech is really useful because it gives you easy access to your property without compromising on security. Your home will be gated, making it far harder for anyone unwanted to access the property. These days, any gate can become a smart gate. You just need the right technology to install it, and for a smart gate, the right technology to control it. 

Active Heating

Active heating, or smart heating, is a revolutionary bit of property technology that allows users to easily manage the heating in their home. You can control the heating from your phone to easily control the temperature from wherever you are. It also allows you to turn the heating on when you’re on the way home, so it’s warm for you on arrival. Also, it stops you having to worry about leaving the heating on because you can just use your phone to turn it off. This level of control will save you money over the years. Some of the leading active heating providers in the USA are:

There are other, more specialised smart heating firms for commercial spaces too, but for the typical homeowners, those are the leading brands. It’s just about finding what’s best for you and ensuring they can offer what you want and fit it into your budget. If you’re climate change minded, they’re a great way to ensure you don’t waste energy.

Smart Kitchen

One of the most important places in the whole house, the kitchen. It’s no wonder that many white goods providers and big brands have thought hard about how they can make the kitchen smart with key PropTech innovations:

Smart Fridge

Smart fridges come in different shapes and sizes, but like the cellular electric gate above, it can improve your life for the better.

Smart Oven

Smart oven tech is slightly lagging behind the other player of the smart kitchen, but some of the high ticket premium ovens get it right and can make family life that little bit easier to manage. 

Smart Kettle

Another simple item of the kitchen made smart. A smart kettle connects to the wifi and can be controlled via your smartphone. 

There are so many smaller smart tech items for the kitchen like a smart microwave, or a smart dishwasher. It’s whether you decide to trick your whole kitchen out with smart tech, or instead pick and choose what you think would best apply. 

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting was probably one of the first elements of smart tech that landed well. You can turn lights off either with your phone, or by telling your smart hub to do it for you. Your smart hub might be Amazon Alexa, or Google Nest, which will then connect to the various light bulbs around your home. It’s great if you want to dim the light for whatever reason without getting up, or if you’re someone who quite often leaves the lights on once you’ve left the home. With smart lighting you can easily and comfortably light your home to the required standard.

Smart Air Purifier

These are brilliant for people who suffer with asthma or other breathing conditions. You can monitor the air condition on your phone and change it to what you think it needs to be. For those with pollen allergies and who suffer from hayfever, it’s a great way of filtering out the harmful allergens. It’s also a nice touch for keeping the air clean when you can’t open a window. It’s great for kids too as you can be sure the air they’re breathing is good. You can even get it built into the house itself so that it’s installed in the ceiling or wall instead of having to use a stand along unit.

Property technology can certainly make a homeowners life a lot easier. Our smart gate technology can go a long way in making that so. If you want to find out more about our smart gate tech, check out our blog or feel free to contact us directly. 

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