Nimbio works with any electronic lock, including buildings with buzzers and intercoms

How many copies of front door keys have been given out in the history of  your building? There are many problems both with key and keyless entry systems, which is why a lot of supers who look after buzzer entry buildings are looking at cellular access options instead. It’s an easy upgrade to make, and it doesn’t just make their job easier, but improves the convenience and security for buzzer building residents. 

Nimbio For Buzzer Building Security

Nimbio can help supers and building management monitor access by issuing virtual keys (in Nimbio’s smartphone app) to tenants and service workers. The Nimbio app allows virtual keys to be reclaimed/revoked instantly when they are no longer needed with a single tap on your smartphone. For residents, getting into the building is just as easy…open the app and press the button and the door will unlock. No more keying in codes or having to reach for a key. 

Nimbio reduces potential security issues through the use of state of the art cellular technology. Keys can be lost, codes can be misplaced. It’s very rare that someone loses a smartphone. Even if they do, the phone is usually locked using biometric security and can be disabled externally. The chance of a phone being stolen and used to gain entry is slim when compared to the loss of a physical key or code. It’s simply safer.

Buzzer Building Entry System

Nimbio Can Make Delivery Easy

Wish you had a doorman to take delivery while you are in the shower or headed home but running late? Nimbio has you covered. Let the delivery person get all the way to your apartment door from anywhere in your apartment, the city, or the known world from your Android or iPhone.

Smart Buzzer System

Drivers don’t need to buzz every unit until someone answers anymore. Now they can get buzzed in by the person who is ACTUALLY expecting them, even if a resident is away from home. 

It’s less of a hindrance to other residents, and residents no longer have to worry about a delivery when away from your building. It’s another example of Nimbio offering top tier safety and ease of use features for all of the residents in the building, as well as their visitors.

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Forget Your Keys? Have You Ever Forgotten Your Phone?

Smartphones are integral to people’s lives these days. In fact, 97% of all Americans own one. As such, it’s probably far less likely that you’ll forget your phone when you leave for work in the morning. Leaving a key behind is far more common. As soon as the door shuts behind you you’ll remember that its on the table in your room. But, if you’ve got your smartphone, it’s just a simple tap on the app and you’re back inside your building. Easy.

Disability Friendly, Always

It can be hard for the disabled and wheelchair bound to gain entry to certain property. The lock might be difficult to reach, and a key entry pad might be hard to see. Nimbio simplifies building entry for the disabled. A user presses a button on their phone and the door opens, simple. Disability access is a problem in some buzzer entry buildings, but with Nimbio, you can make life a lot easier for the disabled.

Easy Installation

Although Nimbio is a state of the art access control system that makes things easier for everyone, it’s quite easy to install. In fact, a typical installation takes less than an hour. Nimbio can be installed on nearly any buzzer building, as long as the door has an electric strike. No door outages, no break from the norm. People stay safe and happy because there won’t be lengthy outages when things get installed.

Cost Effective Option For All

Nimbio’s monthly service cost provides an affordable option to make any building smart. Nimbio’s hardware, smartphone app, and the monthly subscription provide a cost effective solution to retrofit a buzzer system and offer convenience and security to residents and visitors.  Get in touch with us for pricing…we promise you’ll be surprised in a good way.

Still Have Residents Who Love Old Gate Access Control?

Nimbio doesn’t supersede the old method of entry. Keys will still work alongside Nimbio. If you’re worried about two or three residents who don’t actually have a smartphone, they’ll still be able to carry on like normal while the rest of the building gets easier, stress-free access. Installing Nimbio won’t cut anyone out…everyone stays happy.

One Nimbio Hardware Device Needed Per Building, Not Per Unit

As long as a Nimbio hardware device is installed, every tenant and the super can access the software from the cloud. It’s what makes Nimbio so cost effective. Everyone already has a smartphone. You just install the hardware, download the app, and you’re ready to go. It doesn’t matter how many people live in the buzzer entry building…you only need one Nimbio device. Once Nimbio is installed, residents simply download the app and wait for approval from building administration. 

Nimbio: Buzzer Entry Simplicity

No fancy call boxes, complicated display screens, or expensive equipment is required. Nimbio can be retrofitted to nearly any buzzer/intercom system, as long as the building front door has an electronic lock. It just works. You can increase the layers of security too. Perhaps you live in a premium buzzer entry building. You can fit Nimbio to an electric gate outside to provide extra security while also using it on the electric buzzer lock itself. It’s so simple and easy to use. It makes everyone’s life both easier, and safer. 

Whether you’re a building manager looking to upgrade your access control system, or a resident who is thinking about suggesting a Nimbio install, Nimbio makes life easy. Easy access for residents, and easy access management building staff make Nimbio the smart choice for making any building smart. No more changing locks and getting keys cut, and no more worrying about gate access codes being shared far and wide.

If you are thinking about installing Nimbio in your buzzer entry building and have more questions, please reach out to us and we’ll help you out. Alternatively, our popular FAQs page might answer some of the more common questions and help you put a worry to rest. Wondering what other Nimbio users think of the system? Read up on our testimonials page. 

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