Nimbio – Keyless Entry for Buzzer Buildings

Nimbio – Keyless Entry for Buzzer Buildings

Nimbio works with any electronic lock, including buildings with buzzers and intercoms

How many copies of front door keys have been given out in the history of  your building? Nimbio can help supers and HOAs monitor access by issuing virtual keys to new tenants and service workers. The Nimbio app allows virtual keys to be reclaimed/revoked instantly when they are no longer needed with a single tap on your smart phone.

Wish you had a doorman to take delivery while you are in the shower or headed home but running late? Nimbio has you covered. Let the delivery person get all the way to your apartment door from anywhere in your apartment, the city, or the known world from your Android or iPhone.

Drivers don’t need to buzz every unit until someone answers anymore. Now they can get buzzed in by the person who is ACTUALLY expecting them even if they aren’t home yet. Much safer and more secure.
  • Left home already and forgot your keys? Bet you didn’t forget your phone. . .
  • Nimbio’s hardware device can be installed in minutes alongside any electronic buzzer.
  • Nimbio is cost effective. Hardware and installation is cheaper than a night out!
  • Nimbio is an add-on system and does not alter the normal use of the buzzers. Buttons still work. Keys still work.
  • One Nimbio hardware device needed per building, not per unit! As long as one is installed, every tenant and the super can access it from the cloud.
  • No fancy call boxes, screens or expensive equipment required. Nimbio can be retrofit to nearly any buzzer/intercom system, as long as the building front door has an electronic lock. It just works.

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