If you’re thinking about getting an electric gate installed you need to make sure it fits in with the fence, otherwise it might look a little jarring on the eye. Maybe you want a fence to enhance the security of your home, just like the electric gate will, or perhaps you want something which looks similar to the gate for aesthetic purposes. Picking the right fence isn’t easy, but with some guidance and research you’ll find something you’re happy with.

Does Security Come First?

If you’re using an electric gate to protect your property you obviously value security. As such, you should invest in a fence which does the same. You’ll find it a difficult balancing act trying to toe the line between something secure and something which looks good. We’re not saying you should install razor wire across the top of your fence, but consider something with a bit of height that’s hard to scale as well as a fence which is sturdy and well routed to the ground. Remember, like a cellular security gate, a fence is a deterrent. Someone who is utterly determined will be able to scale it with the right tools and equipment. Point being, don’t go overboard security wise, just use something logical yet secure. 

A Fence To Stop Animals

If your fence is to stop animals, you need to look into your post placement and ensure the fence touches the ground to put certain animals off digging under the fence. Some of the common animals which love to dig down under a fence are:

It depends where you live and what the wildlife is like locally. For example, if you live in bear country and are worried about bears wandering into your backyard you could even install an electric fence. These can be awkward if you have children, but they’ll give you some good peace of mind. They can also stop other animals and wildlife getting too close to your home.

You just need to be sure that a qualified professional installs the fence and has the right level of electricity running through it. You will also need to educate your family around safety, and those who often visit your home especially if they’re children. Normal fencing can stop bears too if you don’t want to electrify, but it has to be stout and sturdy because bears can climb fences if certain situations allow for it. 

How To Get A Fence To Fit Your Electric Gate

The key here is any gate can be made into an electric gate so long as certain criteria are met. Your gate mat already fits the style and structure of your fence, whether you’re using iron railings or wood. You just need to install the system which changes it into an electric gate. If you’ve got the fence already and not the gate, this means you can pretty much install whichever gate you want knowing you can still turn it into an electric one which will help you with access control and help you with security. It means you have a lot of options available and flexibility to choose what fits into the local area, as well as what might be specified by your HOA. 

Is Your Electric Gate In A Gated Community? You Can Still Use A Fence

If you’re in a gated community, you may want to add a fence to add more security to the community too. Most communities use a gate on the road, which controls access and stops vehicles entering when they have no business doing so. However, they might not stop or deter pedestrians. Having one person decide on what kind of fence they want for their home is one thing…getting a community to decide on what fits best is another. It’ll take a long time to decide on what’s right. Call a meeting if possible and just go from there. All you need is something which fits in keeping with the electric gate you’ve installed.

Types Of Fence To Install

There are many different kinds of fences you can consider installing on your property. The kind you choose depends on the usage as well as your budget. Here are some of the most popular fencing seen nationwide across the USA:

There are other fence types too, and fence subcategories, but those are the main ones you’ll likely be considering. As proptech grows and develops you might want fencing to fit into smart technology other than an electric gate, so think future forward when choosing your fencing.

Each family will want something different in terms of a fence. If you’re considering one for a gated community, choosing might be even harder. However, with the huge choice available, you’re sure to find something which fits in well with your electric gate and other elements of proptech. If you want to find out more regarding our cellular smart gates and installation process feel free to contact us

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