At Nimbio we have an absolute passion for security, it’s why we’ve created our cellular access control system. If you’re worried about home security there are multiple things you can do and implement to give you that all important peace of mind. Each house is different, and every family might have a different set of security needs. Here are some top tips to give you and your family that extra level of security.

Invest In a Security Gate

The first tip is the one which can probably keep you the most secure. A security gate, along with a good quality perimeter fence, is a brilliant way to ensure privacy and protect the main home. It might sound like a hindrance in terms of getting in and out of the home but with modern technology it’s pretty easy, you just install a cellular gate entry system which means opening and closing the gate is as easy as pressing a button on your phone. The better systems even let you set an open and close time so the gate will know when to let you in and out while keeping your home locked down at other times.

A security gate allows top level access control for peace of mind and provides that vital first layer of security to a family home. Remember, you can make any gate into a security gate these days. 

Train Your Dog

You don’t necessarily need to train a dog in a dangerous way. It doesn’t need to attack intruders. What you can train a dog to do though is bark, alert you, and hinder any would-be thieves. If you’ve got a dog in conjunction with a security gate there’s nothing wrong with letting the animal roam your garden knowing it can’t get free. It will instantly be there if it spots something out of the ordinary. Of course, your dog can still be a loving pet, while simply being a little more tuned into its environment with an emphasis on protecting you and your loved ones. If you’re looking for a dog primarily for security, the most trainable dogs are:


According to IPVM, 20% of Americans own CCTV and the number is gently increasing. If you twin CCTV up with your smart gate then you’ll increase your home’s security. Being able to see who’s at the gate before opening it is vital. You can also invest in CCTV on a wider scale around your property. CCTV will act as a deterrent in itself, but also provide footage to give to the police if any crimes take place. You can invest a wide range of funds into CCTV depending on your budget. Following the example of a cellular smart gate, you can buy modern CCTV which streams footage right to your phone. It’s pretty useful if you go on vacation or want to keep an eye on the house while you’re working.

Smart Doorbell

There are some great doorbells out there at the moment which can help you security rise. Ring is the market leader, but there are other ones out there too. Beyond your perimeter smart gate, your smart doorbell can be your second line of defence. You can get one with a camera built in, which will give you insight into who is at the door before you unlock it. They allow you to answer the door virtually when you’re away from the home too (unless you’ve got a smart gate, in which case you won’t need to.). 

Join A Neighborhood Scheme

A lot of HOAs have schemes which are targeted at bringing down crime in the local area, and they can be pretty useful to join if they’re run well. At the same time, it might not be practical to get a gate for your individual home, but it might be worth speaking to your local community and deciding to create a gated community. Sometimes there are natural places in the neighbourhood where an access gate can site, especially if it’s a close knit estate. Just make sure division of cost is calculated correctly and you have the right permissions before going ahead. Putting the smart gate aside, teaming up with the locals and building a report can ensure heightened levels of security for you and your family…just as your provide the same for others.

Fit A Home Alarm

It’s important that if anyone does bypass your smart gate and other security measures, you know about it. A home alarm can ensure any unwarranted trespass doesn’t go unnoticed. You can get all different kinds of alarms. Some operate as sensors and make a lot of noise if they sense something after you’ve programmed it to be on (such as during nighttime, or when you’re out of the home). Other kinds of alarm will alert the police or an alarm company unless you enter a counter code while some of the newer models will send a ping right to your phone. They’re designed to scare criminals away for fear of being caught by you or the police. Alarms come in different shapes and sizes and the panel and box will need to be fitted both externally and internally, so have a think about where you’d want them to go. 

Switch Your Locks

This is an important step to take if you’ve only recently moved into the home. You don’t know who the old occupants gave spare keys too. At the same time, if you’ve lived in the same home for 20+ years you might have mislaid a key or too. It’s good practice to change the locks. If they’re old locks, they simply won’t be as effective as modern ones. Modernising the locks on your doors and windows can bump your security up a few notches while ensuring you can relax knowing any mislaid keys no longer matter.

While the area you live in might dictate the lengths you go to for better security, it’s always worth paying some attention to it so you know you and your loved ones are safe. You can find out more about Nimbio by checking out the features we offer regarding our innovative cellular access gate entry system. 

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