Smartphones have changed the way people live all over the world. Every year they seem to get even better too. They become easier to use, faster, and more intuitive. It’s no surprise then that they’ve been integrated with modern home life in a multitude of ways, such as a gate phone entry system or cellular access app. Some people use their smartphones in relation to their home more than others. Certain people don’t even realize that using a smartphone in conjunction with modern prop tech can make life a lot easier. Here’s how you can make better use of your smartphone and improve the quality of your home life. 

Gate Phone Entry System

For those who live in gated communities or that have an electric gate, cell phones can be used to create a gate phone entry system. It’s as simple as installing the equipment on an existing electric gate and then downloading an app on your phone to complete the system. 

Then whenever you leave or enter the property it’s a simple case of tapping a button on your phone and the gate will swing open. It’s an incredibly versatile system that allows you to open the gate for yourself, delivery drivers, and friends without having to use a buzzer or manually open the gate.

A good gate phone entry system is amazing for security because using the app you can allocate who has access to your electric gate. For example, you’d hold a “master key” and from that you can allocate others access where needed. It means you’ll know exactly who has access at any given time. However, with an older system like a pin code access system, you never know who’s going to share the code once they’ve received it. The gate phone entry system ensures ease of access and security.

Home Heating And Electricity: Your Smartphone Can Save You Money

Just like with a gate phone entry system, you can use your phone to control your home. Think about heating your home. There are so many providers who offer smart heating technology these days. You’ll be able to adjust the temperature using your smartphone. Away from home? Turn it up so it’s warm when you get home. Can’t remember whether you turned it off before leaving? Your phone will tell you. 

Same with lights. If you use smart bulbs you can turn them on or off using your phone. It’ll save you money over time because you’ll be able to better control how energy is used in your household.

Front Door Lock

Much like the electric gate locking system you can control your door lock with your phone too. It’s not something most Americans actually trust yet. Most still use a key. But the reality is a smartphone is pretty secure. That’s why more and more people trust them to control electric gates. Soon, they’ll trust their phones to control their front door locking mechanism too. 

Smartphone use is increasing year on year, and the technology surrounding them is getting better all of the time. As much a part of life as they are now, it’s only going to increase. 

Smart Appliances 

Think about your coffee machine. Control it from your smartphone. Tell it to make you a morning espresso and it’ll be ready as soon as you get downstairs. The internet of things (IOI) is connecting things like never before. A smart gate and gate phone entry system is just the start. There are so many ways to use your phone and make life a lot easier for yourself, it’s just about having that level of trust. Younger people tend to trust technology a bit more than those of the older generations. However, as tech becomes more seamlessly integrated with technology (proptech), more and more people are starting to trust smart appliances. 

Yard Care 

Timed lawn sprinklers have been around for ages. But now, you can control them with your smartphone. Imagine you’ve just let someone through your electric gate. You realize they’ll get wet as they come near your yard. Simply turn them off using your phone. It’ll already be in your hand after opening the electric gate, all without leaving your home. You can also use smart lawn mowers that can turn themselves on, mow the grass, and return to their charging port without you ever having to do anything. Smart tech is all about making life easier for you and your family. Setting it all up can take time, but beyond that things will run pretty smoothly. 

Control Lighting With Window Shades

An electric gate phone entry system can provide privacy and security, but window shades can stop people peering through your windows. Nowadays, you can get systems that control this with your smartphone. If you’re sitting down and the sun gets a bit low it only takes a quick press to bring the shades down a little and block the sun out. It sounds kind of lazy, but when you’re working at a desk or doing something important, sometimes getting up and closing the shades can be annoying. It’s also good if you’re in bed or notice something going on outside and decide you want some privacy. All you have to do is press the button and the shades will raise or drop. It’s also a great way of ensuring you get the right levels of light in your home. Switching the light on is one answer, but natural light is always better where available and if you can control it, you can make better use of it.

Being able to open and close your electric gate with a smartphone can, over the months, give you so much time back. No more waiting for annoying number plate recognition systems or thumbing in passcodes. If you want to know more about proptech in general check out our blog. To learn more about Nimbio visit our features page. You can also find out more on our Frequently Asked Question page. If you want to ask anything specific about a potential Nimbio installation at your home or gated community, please feel free to get in touch with us.  

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