In America there are on average, 2.4 million farms and ranches. The census for agricultural data found out that the average ranch is 440 acres in size. That’s a lot of space to cover. For most, it’s probably a lot of gates to open and close as you move from one side of the ranch to another. 

Ranch life is hard enough without having to trek halfway across your land just to open a gate. It can be extremely time consuming and the likelihood is that you can put that time to use elsewhere. It’s so hard that the above referenced census has found that year on year, the number of farm/ranch owners is decreasing. Cellular electric gates on your property can make things a lot easier. Here’s how:

An Electric Gate Can Make It Easier For Your Workers

Farms and ranches, depending on their size, will often have a sizable workforce. If you have to manually open a gate everytime it can get quite frustrating. If you’re in the middle of a task or focusing on something important, you suddenly have to travel to the other side of the ranch to let workers in. 

A lot of farmers will give their workers keys or pin codes. However, agricultural crime has been increasing and you can never know that the pin code won’t be shared further and end up in the wrong hands. Same with keys…they often get lost and misplaced. If this has happened to you it’s likely you manually let people and workers in when they appear on site. Again, it’s time consuming and annoying. 

A cellular electric gate can put this problem to bed. It means you can automatically open the gate using your smartphone no matter where you are on the ranch. More importantly, with Nimbio, you can give and revoke access to other workers with the press of a button. No more worrying about pin codes being shared and keys going missing. If a worker leaves, you revoke access and it no longer works for them: simple. 

Make Any Ranch Gate A Smart Gate

If you’re using electric gates with different access controls in place, you can change them all so that they work using cellular access. You can change any electric gate to an electric smart gate using Nimbio. It doesn’t matter what kind of electric gate you use either. It can be:

The list goes on. You can control any electric gate from your smartphone, wherever you are. You can also mix up access permissions. For example, some of your workers will have access to the front gate, while other more trusted workers will have access to other places in your farm. You can choose exactly who can access certain areas, and you can make changes in seconds. 

Remote Gate Open: Even More Time

Instead of driving all the way out to a field to open a gate for cattle, you can just press a button. It’ll save you a lot of time. Ranch hands often have to manually open one gate to move animals around, but with a camera and a smart cellular control system, you can open the gate with your phone.

Remote opening is also useful if you’re always having to open the gate for deliveries to your ranch. Instead, you can press the button and meet them at the farm house instead of awkwardly having to go and open the gate. 

You can even schedule the gate to open at the same time every day. If you’re 100% sure you’ll be opening the door at a certain time, why not remove the margin for error (like your forgetting to do it) and set it to open automatically. Again, it’ll save you time. Just be sure to cancel it if you don’t need it to open anymore otherwise it could create a security risk. It’s especially important to keep tabs on your scheduled openings if you have multiple gates.

Access Is Always Available

Smartphones have become pretty important to the lives of the average American…even to farmers! There probably isn’t a day that goes by where a rancher grabs their smartphone and puts it in their pocket before they start work. If the phone is connected to wifi, then so is your smartgate. Easy access. It’s not like you’re having to pick up a keyring full of multiple keys anymore. On the off chance that you run out of battery, you can still use your old access control measures too.

Ranch Security Improved

Better access control technology means improved security. Farm crimes have continued over the last few years, with not only crops, grapes, and livestock being stolen, but machinery and vehicles being damaged and stolen too. Most will be insured, but when bad things happen insurance premiums go up affecting your bottom line. 

If you take a step to improve your ranch accessibility you’ll make it far harder for thieves and criminals to gain access to your property. If they can’t get in, there’s no point in stealing a vehicle. Cellular control limits the security weak spots as you’ll always know exactly who has access. Pin codes can be copied…it’s easy to set up a camera and observe you entering the code. Locks can be picked. If your keys are on your smartphone you’ve got access secured. Even if you lose your phone, it’ll likely have a digital lock on it meaning it’s impossible for whoever finds it to gain access to your property.

If ranch security is on your mind, as well as ease of use, then smartphone cellular access control is certainly the way forward. Ranch security is important, it needs to be maintained to protect your livelihood. If you’re worried about ranch security and want to make sure your lands stay secure, reach out to Nimbio today and we’ll show you what we can do.

If you’re still wondering about Nimbio and cellular gate access control, read through our blog. Our FAQ page is also useful to potential users as well as our features page. Of course, if any of your questions aren’t properly answered feel free to contact us and we’ll put your worries to rest. 

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