The Automatic Gate System: Is It Dangerous?

The Automatic Gate System: Is It Dangerous?

The rise of the automatic gate system has been laid bare in a recent persistence market research report, that finds automatic gate systems are becoming more popular with a growth of around 7.5% over the decade. A good automatic gate system can elevate the standard of living for many people. However, there are worries that an automatic gate system could be dangerous. Here, we explore the automatic gate system and look at whether it can be truly classed as dangerous

What Is An Automatic Gate System?

First, we need to look at what an automatic gate system actually is. It sounds pretty obvious but the reality is that there are different systems out there.

In short, it’s a gate that opens on its own. Whether this is a gate to a business, community (gated community) or a personal residence. They open electronically when prompted to do so. For example, newer tech allows smartphone apps to wirelessly open electric gates. You don’t need to open them manually.

There are different ways to open an automatic gate, but most modern systems use cellular entry. These allow you to use a smartphone app to simply open the gate with a press of a button. 

Are Automatic Gate Systems Dangerous?

They can be, like all kinds of moving machinery. Safety research estimates that between 1990 and 2000, 25,000 people were injured.

However, the key here is that most injuries are caused when the gate hasn’t been installed properly, or when they’re being mistreated.

Also, a modern electric automatic gate system is better designed. For example, previously, these systems used to go far in protecting vehicles from gate related problems. Nowadays, they’re also designed with individual humans in mind too. So although there are some stats that back up electric gates being dangerous, the data is skewed towards the vulnerabilities of older designs.  When they malfunction, it’s usually damage to a car or the ground rather than directly to a person.

In short, modern automatic gate systems aren’t dangerous so long as you treat them with respect.

Why Are Automatic Gate Systems So Popular?

As we’ve seen, they’re rising in popularity all of the time. But why? The reality is if they were exceptionally dangerous, people wouldn’t keep buying them. Here are a few reasons automatic gates, especially cellular automatic gates, are rising in popularity. 

  • They work as a deterrent, criminals see them as evidence of investment into property protection meaning there could be other deterrents around too.
  • Great method of access control, people and cars can’t access certain areas that have been gated off.
  • Gives the appearance of exclusivity and wealth. Something that, for better or worse, many Americans like to showcase.
  • Ease of access for delivery services and couriers. Especially with cellular gate control, you just press a button to let them in.
  • Stops certain areas being used as a shortcut and cuts chances of traffic accidents. This is the case with gated communities; only those resident can enter
  • They’re great for ensuring children and pets don’t wonder out onto busy roads

Each person might value something different that a gate system can bring, but you can see that there are many plus points and reasons as to why the projected growth for automatic gates are so bullish. 

How You Can Practice Good Safety Around Gate Systems?

The perceived “danger” of these auto gate systems can be further reduced by bearing safety in mind where possible. Here are a few easy wins you can gain depending on your gate systems application. 

  • For business applications, always run a quick training segment which touches on how to properly use the electric gate and best safety protocols.
  • In a gated community, make sure everyone knows how to use the gate to scale back the chance of vehicular collisions.
  • Private home gate use? Make sure your children and extended family know how the gate works. For kids in particular, no standing on the gate or playing with it while it’s moving.

Remember, it is a piece of moving machinery. In some locations, people aren’t going to be near the gate because it’ll be used for cars and maybe larger vehicles. But when a gate is in a yard or near a communal area, that’s when problems can sometimes start to arise. You need to make sure that you read the owner instructions for the automatic gate software and remember to just take care around its operation on an ongoing basis. You can draw up a set of rules for community gate usage too, some examples of rules you can pass around can be:

  1. Don’t move through the electric gate while it’s in motion. Wait for it to be fully open first.
  2. Don’t try to manually open the gate.
  3. Report all damage to the gate as soon as possible. A damaged gate will just get worse.
  4. Press open just once and be patient

You can see the flavor of rules you’d likely need to use. For wider communities and businesses these can ensure accidents remain to a minimum on an ongoing basis. You will usually tailor the rules so that they fit in exactly to your specific electric gate operation, for example if you operated a ranch the rules would be particular to that situation.

To Conclude

Automatic gate systems aren’t dangerous to those who use them properly and treat them with respect. Modern systems are incredibly smart and risk averse. If the gate is well maintained and serviced, with damage being dealt with quickly, then there’s no need to fear. If people who use the gate know how to properly use it any chances of danger will be kept to an utter minimum. 

If you enjoyed our article on the automatic gate system, check our other articles on our blog. You can also read our testimonials to see how people have fared using Nimbio, our cellular automatic gate system. The features page shows you what you can expect but if there’s anything confusing about it and you want a more rounded answer, just contact us

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