Electric gates are a brilliant example of developing proptech. Especially the most recent models using cellular access technology. However, macherey with metal moving parts can be susceptible to faults. Sometimes, the fault might lay within the gate, other times it might be due to external factors.

It also depends on who the system provider is. With quality gate opening software you’re unlikely to have a problem unless something bad happens to the gate. Here we explore a few electric gate faults and when you should call for help.

An Electric Gate Opening On Its Own

It happens. Your electric gate might just randomly open on its own. It’s quite a common fault but it can be frustrating. First, because it could open potentially letting your pets out but also because the security aspect of the electric gate is instantly rendered void. You purchase an electric gate for security but if the electric gate is opening on its own it’s not very secure.

It might start doing this once or twice before getting better or worse, but even if you see it happen once you should try and get it sorted. There are a few reasons an electric gate can open and then shut on its own, these are mainly:

There are some others too, but those are the key problems. If those sound beyond your knowledge to repair (they probably are) call your service provider and they can either talk you through it or suggest an installation expert who can do it for you. Remember, electric gate opening software will differ depending on the security medium it uses.

Cellular Access Not Working

This is incredibly rare. If you’ve got the most latest in gate opening technology and can open it with your smartphone you would have seen how utterly convenient it is. However, there might be a time where you tell the gate to open but nothing happens. There can be a few things wrong here.

  1. Try restarting the app
  2. Turn the phone off and on again
  3. Check to see whether the app has an update to download
  4. Reconnect the device following your manufacturers guidelines
  5. Try again

If it still doesn’t work, then you should consider calling your SP and asking for a diagnosis. It’s probably something simple as cellular tech is very reliable, unlike other electric gate opening options. What you don’t want to do is to try and manually open the electric gate without using the manual override key because you could damage the mechanism. 

DIP Switch and Transmitters

These are what actually open and close the electric gate. A DIP switch is a switch that opens other smaller switches. They usually exist in the electric gate opener itself as well as a remote control. The DIP switches in the transmitters can often be the reason why the electric gate isn’t properly opening and closing. It’s frustrating, but the DIP switches have to match up perfectly in line with your radio opener request to actually open. 

If they aren’t opening properly, they can cause the gate to jam/not open/or open on their own.

Radio Interference

A lot of gate entrance mechanisms are operated using radio frequencies. Examples of radio gate openers include: 

Radio signals can be interfered with. If you find your radio operated opening systems aren’t working there could be something interfering with the signal. The gate could be opening when you’re not telling it too and also not opening when you want it too.

There are multiple things that can interfere with a radio frequency. Some of the most popular interferers include:

The list is quite large. As such, it can be frustrating trying to work out what device is interfering with the gate. It’s a case of trial and error. You just need to go through them and turn them off one at a time to work out what’s interfering with the gate. On the other hand, it could be that the gate is hyper sensitive and needs to be reset. This is the problem with some elements of radio for electric gates. It’s why, if you’re looking to upgrade, you should look in depth at cellular access control.

If you’ve tried everything and are sure it’s not due to interference but the gate’s receiver is faulty, this is where you call the manufacturer of your gate software or an expert to see if there’s anything they can do to fix the system.

Physically Damaged Gate Access System

With cars and vehicles using gates all the time it’s only natural that some might come into contact with the gate. This is especially the case in a gated community, or in a business where the volume of ingress and egress is far higher than a person’s home. Gate posts are often knocked which is why it’s probably good practice to use neutral posts for protection. 

If you think the gate, or the gate electronic system is broken you should look at it straight away. You can end up further damaging the gate or your driveway by not fixing it. This is where you call for help right away. It’s probably not something you can fix by yourself, even if you tried. It does depend on the extent of the damage. However, we’d recommend that if it’s something that requires a simple paint job, to seek expert help. Don’t botch fix an electric gate.

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