Electric gates are, by design, meant to be opened remotely and electronically. That’s what makes them so great. There are, however, certain situations where an electric gate may need to be opened manually. So, here we’ll explore the best way to open an electric gate manually along with some of the scenarios where this may need to happen. 

How To Open An Electric Gate Manually

The how is quite simple…you just open it. However, you need to do this in a way that doesn’t damage the motor or electrics in the gate access system. This goes for all electric gates too…whether it’s one for your personal home, your business or a gated community.

Here are some steps you should take while opening an electric gate manually. Remember, each electric gate is different. For Nimbio, you can find the particulars here.

Make Sure It’s safe – To manually open a gate you’ll need time, make sure there aren’t any other cars or vehicles coming that could prove to be a safety risk.

Find The Manual Release Key – The majority of electric gate access systems will come with a manual release key. You need to find it, and use it. It doesn’t matter what kind of gate you have; there should be a manual release that disengages the gate from the electric motor. If you don’t have one, or kind find where to insert it, check your manufacturer instructions and they should be able to clear it up.

Push/Pull – Then you just either push or pull the gate. Depending on how tall and heavy they are, you might need a little bit of help to get some momentum. Try pulling from the bottom furthest away from the top hinge. 

Reset The Gate – Now you’ve manually opened and closed the gate, or, once the electric aspect is fixed or comes back on line, you just need to use the key again to link the motor with the gates opening mechanism. Give it a test to make sure it’s working okay and everything should be back to normal…unless the gates had damage etc. 

Reasons for Manually Opening An electric Gate

So, you’ve bought an electric gate for convenience and security – why would you need to open one manually?

An Emergency

If emergency services need access to your gated community, or to your home or business and you’re not there they’re going to have to force the gate open manually. Luckily with Nimbio you can open the gate from wherever you are meaning there’s less chance costly damage will be done to the gate. You can do it on your phone too so you’ll always have access.

Electrical System Failure

If the electric part of the electric gate malfunctions or doesnt work then to access your property you’re going to have to force the electric gate open. We’ve seen how above. If you use a reputable electric gate supplier the chances are this won’t ever happen. You just need to ensure it’s been installed properly to a high standard by a qualified installer.

Power Cut

Power cuts occur more in some places than others, but if you’re without back up electricity the electric gate won’t work and if you want to leave or get back into your gated community or home, you’ll have to manually open an electric gate to do so. It’s pretty easy, you just might need a torch to help you find the key insertion point. 

Some Electric Gates Are Multi Purpose

Bizarrely, some electric gates allow you to manually open them too. It’s strange, because gates are built for security and this renders them useless. However, there are people with mobility issues and being able to either electrically open the gate or manually makes their lives a whole lot easier. They’re few and far between but it’s worth remembering as some gates are bespoke to the people who have had them installed. 

What Should You Do In The Aftermath

After the electric gate has been forced open manually, you need to check that everything is still working okay. You might have damaged the motor system of the function. So, align the gates and try to open it electronically. If you’ve got a new electric gate running on a cellular access system you’d use your phone for this. If you’re on an older system, you might need to use your key fob or a gate code. If it opens smoothly and fine, it should probably be okay.

If you have bifolding gate, or double gates and only one aspect of them was forced, this is where problems can occur because the gates won’t be level when you try to start the electrical opening process. However, if they both return to their full open position, they should then revert to their full close and be fine going forward.

If you see problems after manually opening an electric gate, get the system serviced by a professional. You might be better off speaking to the manufacturer of the system who will be able to run diagnostics and run next steps. The aftermath of a manual open is just checking everything is okay. You might have local specialists who can run a service of the gate but again, your manufacturer might be able to recommend someone or even send someone well versed in their systems straight out to you.


There, now you know how to manually open an electric gate should the occasion call for it. If you’ve only got a manual gate, with no electric system yet installed, perhaps now is the time to finally upgrade and benefit from the additional security an electric gate access system can provide. 

If you’ve enjoyed our article you can find multiple others regarding electric gate systems on our blog. Our testimonials page highlights how Nimbio in particular provides a worthwhile electric gate system to use while our features page shows you exactly what Nimbio can do. Of course, if there’s anything further you need clarified or explained feel free to contact us here

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