Wireless gate entry systems are becoming more popular all of the time. They have a multitude of applications across the business, home, community and public sectors. More than you’d expect, in fact. People everywhere want ease of usability without compromising on security. With wireless gate entry systems you can both increase security while also boosting ease of use: you can see how it’s applicable to multiple industries. 

Wireless Gate Entry Systems: What’s New

First, let’s look at where the technology is. Prop tech, or property technology develops fairly quickly. In the past, people used other wireless gate entry systems but they’re quite dated. Examples of these include:

But they all come with a myriad of problems. These systems probably don’t sound old to you. Again, the pace of progress in the home technology sphere advances rapidly. It’s because that’s where a lot of people spend most of their time. By 2030 500 billion devices will be connected to the internet. A lot of these devices are items based in your home. This relentless drive has impacted wireless gate entry systems too.

This day and age the most modern wireless gate entry system is a cellular access system. You use your smartphone to open and close the gate. You can also use it, if you have a master key, to grant and revoke access to existing users. Cellular access is the future.

So, what places or industries can benefit from cellular wireless gate entry systems? Let’s find out. 

Gated Community Wireless Gate Entry

Gated communities can range from two homes behind a gate, to fifty! Either way, a wireless gate entry system can make life in a gated community so much easier. No more worrying about people sharing a pin code too far or a key fob losing its power. 

Wireless gate entry, specifically cellular access technology can make living in a gated community so much easier for everyone involved. It only takes for one (or more if there’s a big community) property manager to look after who has entry and who doesn’t and just like that you’ll have a secure community that’s easy to access.

You can also use a method of wireless gate entry to control other doors in the community. For example, perhaps you have a communal building to store communal tools for maintenance etc. You could use a wireless door lock access system to control it. The beauty is that you can use this on the same system as the wireless gate entry meaning it’s easy to separate who can access the main electric gate and who can access various communal areas. 

Wireless Gate Entrance For Your Business

Some businesses need to remain secure. Think about self storage facilities, businesses that work with valuable materials, protected places to park cars…there are so many variables. However, businesses do find it hard to provide ease of access and enhanced security at the same time. 

A wireless gate entry system can do both. You control exactly who has access to the perimeter. 

You can also use wireless gate entry systems on internal electric doors. This means you can control which parts of your business people have access to. If you want to give a business more layers of security then cellular gate access technology can help. Need someone to access a certain area for a short time? Give them access then revoke it. Same for cleaners and third party workers. 

Wireless gate entry for businesses is exceptionally helpful, especially if you use cellular access technology. The only snag is that everyone who works at the business will need a smartphone. In this day and age, most people will have one. Also, it might be that your business provides work phones which makes it easier to install the relevant gate control app, like Nimbio, for example. 

Private Wireless Gate Entry

If you don’t live in a gated community but have your own gate, you’ll certainly want to upgrade to a wireless gate entry system. They’ll give you and your family a better sense of security because you’ll know exactly who has access to your home. 

It beats a manual entry system but it also beats other forms of private gate entry access. 

You’ll be able to grant access to family members and friends, as well as cleaners and tradesmen. You won’t have to give out keys or pin codes which can lead to further access problems down there line. If you want to enhance your electric gate security, upgrading to cellular access tech is certainly a way to go about it.

Usually, if you already have an electric gate system of some kind you can easily upgrade to cellular access technology. However, if your gate isn’t electrified you’ll have to install the system so the cellular access tech can be attached to it. 

Government Wireless Gate Entry

Think about government buildings, like a school. If you’re in charge of the grounds or the gate systems then upgrading to a wireless gate entry system can make life a lot easier. Again, in schools and other government buildings security can be quite high. You can easily complement the level of security by implementing a cellular access system.

It can be hard to secure funding for upgrades like this when you work for the government in any capacity. However, a subscription system makes budgeting far easier. Once the initial install is complete, an ongoing Nimbio subscription ensures the cellular entry system ties into the app and works smoothly. It’s a great way to add a layer of security to the area. 

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